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Democrat Debate Mean Tweets: Tim Ryan Edition

Democrat Debate Mean Tweets: Marianne Williamson Edition

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The Left Is More Nervous Than A Long-Tailed Cat In A Room Full Of Rocking Chairs

Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence, is resigning after what many in “the resistance” media describe as “a turbulent two years in which he and President Trump were often at odds over Russian interference in the 2016 election.”

The President has named Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) to replace Coats.  Until Ratcliffe is confirmed in the Senate, the position of DNI Director is expected to be filled by Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence Sue Gordon.

As a member of the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees, Ratcliffe was heavily involved in a GOP-led investigation last year about decisions "made and not made" by the Justice Department during the 2016 election. That probe questioned whether the DOJ was biased against then-candidate Donald Trump and whether it abused surveillance powers as it began the Russia investigation. A former federal prosecutor, Ratcliffe was often one of the most aggressive questioners in closed-door depositions.

Ratcliffe holds a top-level security clearance and is one of only a few people who has seen all of the unredacted Department of Justice and FBI evidence within the documents Congress has previously asked the President to declassify. 

On May 23rd, 2019, President Trump gave Attorney General William Barr unilateral authority to declassify documents which had weaponized surveillance and domestic political spying to advance the fraudulent investigation of the Trump campaign.

As DNI Director, Ratcliffe will serve as head of the Intelligence Community which is comprised of 17 organizations: the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, CIA, 8 Defense Department elements as well as the Department of Energy’s Office of Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence, the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis, U.S. Coast Guard Intelligence, FBI, DEA, the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research and the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis.

U.S. intelligence bureaucracies must be reined in and its bad actors held accountable; if they aren’t the Deep State will only become more weaponized and democracy will be in great peril.

The subversives who conspired to wrest the presidency from Donald Trump still lurk in the halls of Congress, the offices of the Intelligence Community and the television studios of the fake news.

Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) have expressed their disdain for the President’s choice to replace Director Coats.

There’s one journalist in particular who seems inordinately alarmed over the Ratcliffe nomination.
Ken Dilanian is the Fusion GPS-connected reporter for NBC News who has been highly implicated in the Russia collusion conspiracy theory.

In 2014, Dilanian ran afoul of the LA Times for acting as a “mop-up man” for the CIA by clearing stories with the agency before the publication of stories.  Shortly thereafter, he joined the Associated Press and has covered national security for USA Today and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Even the Huffington Post published a report with the headline, “L.A. Times Disowns Reporter Outed as a CIA Collaborator”.

After joining NBC News, he got in on the press’s role of giving legitimacy to the oppo research and “Russiagate” conspiracy generated by Fusion GPS and a host of Democratic operatives.

Carol Lee, also of NBC News, joined Dilanian who proved to be “a reliable purveyor of Fusion GPS-manufactured talking points” in breaking a story about the June 2016 meeting between the President’s son, Donald, Jr. and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya which also included Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort.

Their angle on the story suggested Russia was funneling money directly to the Trump campaign.  The story had to be “walked back” when it was discovered the word on Manafort’s smartphone was “donors” and not “donations.”

Fusion GPS principals filed numerous stories on the Trump-Russia narrative that originated with Fusion GPS’s unverifiable Steele dossier.

On November of 2017, a federal court unsealed Fusion GPS’s bank records, shining new light on Russia-related payments made by the firm behind the infamous “Trump dossier”. The bank records showed Fusion GPS paid journalists for work amid the Trump-Russia collusion hysteria.

Journalists can try to pretend that none of this actually happened, and that in fact they are all still the heroes of their own imaginations becoming the central propaganda arm of the CIA, the Pentagon and FBI in the name of “the resistance”.  It’s as if they are paying attention to politics for the first time in the era of Trump.

Thankfully, there is still a group of patriots who have made public service their vocation and have pledged to ensure the stable continuity of government.

Ratcliffe recently told Fox Business he had confidence in several Justice Department inquiries into the origins of the Russia probe and surveillance activities against the Trump campaign saying, “Bill Barr has earned my trust already and the trust of the American people that there will be a fair process with John Durham and Michael Horowitz to get answers and provide accountability where it really belongs.”

The deepest part of the Deep State will stop at nothing to block Ratcliffe’s confirmation.

Confirmation takes a simple 51-vote majority under new rules in the Senate. Sen. John Thune (R-ND) and Sen, Lindsey Graham (R-SC) support Ratcliffe’s nomination.  It was former Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) who played a role in raising Ratcliffe’s name to the President.

UPDATE:  President Trump withdrew Rep. Ratcliffe’s name for the nomination of DNI Director on August 2, 2019.

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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Wishing Jerry Nadler A “Happy Shark Week, Chum!”

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler told CNN's Jake Tapper that his personal view is Trump "richly deserves impeachment.  He has done many impeachable offenses.  He’s violated the law six ways from Sunday.  But that’s not the question.  The question is can we develop enough evidence to put before the American people.” 

President Trump has often referred to the chairman, a New York Democrat, as “Fat Jerry”.  The moniker is spot on.  His trousers are hiked up to his chin making his zipper the longest one known to mankind.  But he reminds me more of Danny Devito’s Penguin role in the 1992 Tim Burton directed movie “Batman Returns”.

Oswald Cobblepot AKA Penguin AKA “Fat Jerry” has shared a decades-long feud with the President over his desire in the 1980s to build the world’s tallest building as part of a major redevelopment of a railyard on Manhattan’s West Side which was part of Nadler’s State Assembly District.

For years, Nadler had said he wanted the development site to be turned into a rail freight terminal, in order to help the city’s manufacturing sector which at the time employed more than 500,000 people.

Some of Nadler’s biggest political contributions have come from transportation workers unions. The Sheet Metal, Air, Rail & Transportation Union was among his single biggest donors, contributing $115,500 to his campaigns for Congress since 1991, public records show.

Trump’s grand vision entailed building 7600 high-rise apartments, the largest shopping mall on the East Coast and sprawling television studios for NBC.  The crowning jewel was to be a lavish 152-story condo where Trump would occupy the penthouse.

According to a published report from the New York Post, “Trump got involved in the project after real estate magnate Abe Hirschfeld and his partners defaulted on their loans. Like those before him, the young developer faced off against Nadler and his backers — a phalanx of resident celebrities that included authors E. L. Doctorow, Robert Caro and Betty Friedan. Their neighborhood coalition threw glitzy cocktail fundraisers and distributed flyers warning residents that Trump’s luxury skyscraper would cast a huge shadow over the neighborhood and cover local parks in darkness for most of the day. The influx of thousands of people working at the proposed television studios and mall would overwhelm the neighborhood’s fragile infrastructure, especially the 72nd Street subway, they said.”

Nadler appeared on the Sunday talk shows defending Robert Mueller’s testimony to two congressional panels last week, but a new ABC News/Ipsos poll shows the former Special Counsel’s appearance failed to move the needle on whether the President should be impeached.

Seventy-one percent of Americans said they had either read, seen or heard about his testimony while forty-seven percent said it made no difference in their views.  It was a wash on supporting impeachment with 27 percent saying they were “more likely” and 26 percent being “less likely.”

The latest Real Clear Politics Presidential Job Approval continues to hover around 44 percent.

Blogger friend Don Surber recently noted, “We elected a playboy billionaire president because none of the virgins could get the job done.”

Discovery Channel’s Shark Week kicks off tonight at 8PM.  The popular summer event is the longest-running cable program in history and is now broadcast in 72 countries.

It looks like Donald John Trump has Nadler between a rock and a shark place.

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A Walk On The Wild Side

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein’s Upcoming Suicide Was A Shock To Bill And I

Days after convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest on sex-trafficking charges in New York, former President Bill Clinton distanced himself from the high-flying financier and convicted sex offender. The former president owned up to just six encounters with Epstein, starting in 2002: four flights on the billionaire’s private jet, a single trip to his Harlem office, and one “brief visit” to his New York apartment, all with staff and security detail in tow. 

Now, a Daily Beast investigation has uncovered ties between Epstein and the Clinton Administration that date back to the president’s earliest days in the White House, casting doubt on the widely perpetuated narrative that the two only began associating after Clinton left office. 

How Epstein entered Clinton’s orbit remains unclear. When the president released his initial statement on Epstein, he did not explain the multiple other trips he appears to have taken on the financier’s “Lolita Express” plane—including one flight to Westchester with Epstein, his alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell, and an “unnamed female.” 

Clinton also failed to mention the intimate 1995 fundraising dinner at the Palm Beach home of Revlon mogul Ron Perelman, where Clinton hobnobbed with the likes of Epstein, Don Johnson, and Jimmy Buffett. (Nearby, at Epstein’s own Palm Beach mansion, the money man allegedly abused hundreds of underage girls.)

The two were clearly chummy by the early Clinton Foundation years, as attested to by a 2002 photo of Epstein and Clinton in Brunei that appeared in Vicky Ward’s 2003 profile of the financier. In a 2002 piece for New York magazine about the Africa trip, Clinton praised Epstein as a “highly successful financier and a committed philanthropist.”

Two days ago, Epstein was discovered sprawled out on the floor of his jail cell with bruise marks on his neck.  Investigators believe he injured himself on purpose to get transferred out of the jail.  The following day the 66-year-old was back in his mold-ridden, insect-infested 8 X 8 ft cell where inmates wake up with dead rats in their beds.  Don’t worry though.  He’s all better now.
The Clintons have been at the center of conspiracy theories for four decades because of their boundless hunger for power.

Epstein’s “suicide attempt” sparked renewed interest in the “Clinton Body Count” conspiracy.  There are plenty of old lists and new and improved lists circulating in the ether of people close to Bill and Hillary who have died under “mysterious circumstances”.

The “Arkancide” conspiracy theory first emerged in 1993 following the suicide of Clinton Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster.  Fevered suspicions swirled that Foster had been murdered and his body moved to Fort Marcy Park, but it was then-lawyer Brett Kavanaugh, working with Independent Counsel Ken Starr to investigate the Whitewater-Monica Lewinsky scandals, who definitively concluded Foster’s death was indeed a suicide rather than a Clinton-inspired hit job.

For saving the Clintons’ hides, Kavanaugh was thanked some twenty years later by having his sterling reputation and life’s work demolished during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

Bill Clinton said during “An Evening With The Clintons” speaking tour in Las Vegas in May of this year, "He didn't have any problem making us put up with three years of Vince Foster nonsense that was a total charade." 

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Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Ghost of Broken Promises

A Retarded Goldfish Would’ve Been More Convincing

You’ve seen the parody videos of “Hitler’s Downfall”.  There’s a bazillion of ‘em out there. Some are better than others I grant you, but this one—it’s hilarious.
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The Acme Anvil Company Strikes Again

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi convened her Democrat caucus following former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s calamitous appearance before the House Judiciary and Intelligence panels. A lengthy, animated discussion about the impeachment process followed.

Pelosi has argued for months the "slow, methodical approach" employed by House Democrats was the right way to move forward insisting Democrats need support from Republicans or a shift in public sentiment before starting an impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

During the morning proceedings before the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) asked Mueller if the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) guidance against indicting a sitting president was the reason he didn’t indict President Trump.  Mueller answered in the affirmative.

However, a short time later, before the Intelligence Committee, Mueller clarified his comment.

"I want to go back to one thing that was said this morning by Mr. Lieu who said, and I quote, ‘You didn't charge the President because of the opinion,'" Mueller said. "That is not the correct way to say it. As we say in the report and as I said at the opening, we did not reach a determination as to whether the president committed a crime."
The U.S. House has 235 Democrats, 197 Republicans, one independent and two vacant seats. As a result, the Democrats could impeach Trump with no Republican support.

The U.S. Senate has 53 Republicans, 45 Democrats and two independents who usually vote with the Democrats. Conviction and removal of a president would require 67 votes. So, for President Trump to be impeached, at least 20 Republicans and all the Democrats and independents would have to vote against him.

The Acme Anvil Company strikes again.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Tree That Gets Hit By Lightning Is The One You Remember

Today was supposed to be the day former Special Counsel Robert Mueller would ride into town on his trusty steed with guns a-blazin’ to bolster the Democrats’ hopes of impeaching President Trump.

Their hopes were dashed when their star witness came across as feeble, doddering and uncertain.
Mueller had at his side his seeing eye dog, Aaron Zebley, Deputy Special Counsel.  Zebley previously represented former Clinton aide Justin Cooper, Hillary Clinton’s “basement server guy” while she was Obama’s Secretary of State.

It was clear from the outset Mueller was little more than a figurehead in the Russia probe.  Not only was Mueller perpetually flustered and unprepared to talk about his own report; we now have to wonder to what extent he was even involved in the day-to-day work of the investigation.

For me, the most important moment in the proceedings was when a gutsy Republican emerged with the most cogent argument:
REP. JOHN RATCLIFFE (R-TX):   The special counsel's job, nowhere does it say that you were to conclusively determine Donald Trump's innocence or that the Special Counsel report should determine whether or not to exonerate him. It's not in any of the documents. It's not in your appointment order. It's not in the special counsel regulations. It's not in the OLC opinions. It's not in the justice manual, and it's not in the Principles of Federal Prosecution.
Nowhere do those words appear together because respectfully, respectfully, Director, it was not the Special Counsel's job to conclusively Donald Trump's innocence or to exonerate him because the bedrock principle of our justice system is a presumption of innocence. It exists for everyone. Everyone is entitled to it, including sitting presidents. And because there is a presumption of innocence, prosecutors never, ever need to conclusively determine it.
Now, Director, the Special Counsel applied this inverted burden of proof that I can't find and you said doesn't exist anywhere in the Department policies, and you used it to write a report. And the very first line of your report, the very first line of your report says that—as you read this morning, it authorizes the Special Counsel to provide the Attorney General with a confidential report explaining the prosecution or declination decisions reached by the Special Counsel. That's the very first word of your report, right?
ROBERT MUELLER:  That’s correct.
RATCLIFFE: Here's the problem, Director. The Special Counsel didn't do that. On Volume 1, you did. On Volume II with respect to potential obstruction of justice, the Special Counsel made neither a prosecution decision or a declamation decision. You made no decision. You told us this morning and, in your report, that you made no determination so respectfully, Director, you didn't follow the Special Counsel regulations.

It clearly says, write a confidential report about decisions reached. Nowhere in here does it say write a report about decisions that weren't reached. You wrote 180 pages about decisions that weren't reached about potential crimes that weren't charged or decided. And respectfully, respectfully, by doing that you managed to violate every principle in the most sacred of traditions about prosecutors not offering extra prosecutorial analysis about potential crimes that aren’t charged.
It clearly says, write a confidential report about decisions reached. Nowhere in here does it say write a report about decisions that weren't reached. You wrote 180 pages about decisions that weren't reached about potential crimes that weren't charged or decided. And respectfully, respectfully, by doing that you managed to violate every principle in the most sacred of traditions about prosecutors not offering extra prosecutorial analysis about potential crimes that aren’t charged.
So Americans need to know this as they listen to the Democrats and Socialists on the other side of the aisle as they do dramatic readings from this report that Volume II of this report was not authorized under the law to be written. It was written to a legal standard that does not exist at the Justice Department and it was written in violation of every DOJ principle about extra prosecutorial commentary. I agree with the Chairman this morning when he said Donald Trump is not above the law. He's not. But he damn sure shouldn't be below the law which is where Volume II of this report puts him. 

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

D.C. Taverns: Dems’ Sorrows Know How To Swim

Many believe Wednesday’s testimony by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller will turn out to be more disappointing than the final episode of Game of Thrones.

Some D.C. bars are getting going early so that patrons can watch the shitshow together and some asshole with astonishing insight and deep wisdom will loudly proclaim those politicians on the big screen TV are just a bunch of crooks.

Imagine the denizens of The Swamp pretending to be so depressed over the hearing they have to visit a local D.C. gin mill at 9:00 AM to drown their sorrows.

Serving $6 Moscow Muellers, the Union Pub will take advantage of the fact that #theresistance and Dems’ sorrows know how to swim.
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Operation Crossfire Hurricane: Mueller, Comey, Brennan and Steele’s Inside Job

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz will soon file a report with evidence indicating disgraced former FBI Director James Comey was misleading President Trump. Even as he repeatedly assured the President he was not a target, Comey was secretly trying to build a conspiracy case while acting as an investigative agent.

Two U.S. officials briefed on the Inspector General’s investigation of possible FBI misconduct said Comey was essentially “running a covert operation against” the President, starting with a private “defensive briefing” he gave Trump just weeks before his inauguration. They said Horowitz has examined high-level FBI text messages and other communications indicating Comey was actually conducting a “counterintelligence assessment” of Trump during their January 2017 meeting in New York.

We learned yesterday the Justice Department instructed former Special Counsel Robert Mueller in a letter not to answer a wide variety of questions about his investigation of President Trump and Russian interference in the 2016 election when he testifies tomorrow.

Mueller will first appear before the House Judiciary Committee starting at 8:30 AM. Because of the Committee’s size, that hearing is expected to last about three hours. He will then appear before the House Intelligence Committee at noon, in a hearing that is expected to last about two hours.

The Justice Department expects that Mueller will “not go beyond” the public version of his March report.

Let it be known Mueller will be a reluctant witness appearing only under the threat of subpoena. Democrats have this fever dream in which they get Mueller to read from his report and the public will be jarred to hear what’s in it.

On Sunday, House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler said on Fox News Sunday, “the report presents very substantial evidence the President is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.”

The hearings are being billed as the last chance for the Democrats to rekindle fading public interest in the Mueller investigation.

There are more than 2,000 footnotes included in Mueller’s report. Most of the citations are matter-of-fact support for claims made in the main text. But a close reading reveals that many of the footnotes raise more questions than they answer, especially regarding Mueller’s methods and intent. Some footnotes show that key allegations often rely on the flimsy say-so of media accounts; others show a willingness to accept the claims of anti-Trump critics at face value. Mueller and his team also used the footnotes as the place to include unsubstantiated gossip and speculation.  

Yes, Mr. Mueller’s testimony will indeed be must-see TV.  I have an inflatable swimming pool in my storage shed for Jerry Nadler and his ilk to swim in their own tears after this circus is over.  No minds will be changed. 

It is paramount to remember Mueller could never establish the underlying crime he was assigned to investigate. So, Democrats will showcase an investigation that was not obstructed into a crime that investigators could not establish actually happened.

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Monday, July 22, 2019

Flowing Curves Of Beauty

Two boys were talking after church about the pastor’s sermon.  The first boy asked, “What do you think about all this devil stuff? The second boy answered, “Aw, it’s probably just like Dad is really Santa Claus.”

Saturday, July 20, 2019

A Beautiful, Magnificent Desolation

On Wednesday July 16, 1969 a Saturn V rocket lifted off the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center carrying Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins into space.  Three days later, at 10:56 PM, the world was transfixed as the lunar lander “Eagle” touched down in the Sea of Tranquility.  More than 650 million people witnessed one of the greatest achievements in the history of mankind.
Today marks the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing.  Seeing the surface of the moon for the first time. Buzz Aldrin described it as “a beautiful, magnificent desolation.”  When the astronauts departed, they left behind the American flag, mission patches and medals honoring fallen astronauts and cosmonauts and a coin-sized silicon disk bearing goodwill messages from the world leaders of planet Earth.
Also remaining on the surface of the moon is the descent ladder of the Lunar Module bearing a commemorative plaque inscribed with the words:  “Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the Moon July 1969 A.D.  We came in peace for all mankind.”
“Here is one way to conceptualize NASA's heroic era: in 1961, [President] Kennedy gave his ‘Moon Speech’ to Congress, charging them to put an American on the moon ‘before the decade is out.’  In the eight years that unspooled between Kennedy's speech and Neil Armstrong's first historic boot print, NASA, a newborn government agency, established sites and campuses in Texas, Florida, Alabama, California, Ohio, Maryland, Mississippi, Virginia, and the District of Columbia; awarded multi-million-dollar contracts and hired four hundred thousand workers; built a fully functioning moon port in a formerly uninhabited swamp; designed and constructed a moon-faring rocket, spacecraft, lunar lander, and space suits; sent astronauts repeatedly into orbit, where they ventured out of their spacecraft on umbilical tethers and practiced rendezvous techniques; sent astronauts to orbit the moon, where they mapped out the best landing sites; all culminating in the final, triumphant moment when they sent Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to step out of their lunar module and bounce about on the moon, perfectly safe within their space suits. All of this, start to finish, was accomplished in those eight years.” ― Margaret Lazarus Dean, Leaving Orbit: Notes from the Last Days of American Spaceflight

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Game of Thrones, 2020 Democrat Primary Edition Part III

Final casting for Game of Thrones, the 2020 Democrat Primary Edition. If your favorite candidate was not cast, they'll be a pity party at either Alyssa Milano's or Bette Midler's house. Location & time TBD.

Cory Booker as Grey Worm


Pete Buttigieg as Little Finger, because, honestly, would you trust that guy?


Reluctant candidate Hillary Clinton, as the Mad Queen Daenarys, because... that ain't hot sauce!

Maxine Waters as the Crazy Moon Door Lady Pretty self explanatory!


And last, but not least Rashida Tlaib as the Wicked Witch of the Dothraki

Despite a supporting cast of thousands (of your tax dollars),expect a second season of the red hot show, Trumpapalooza, still selling out stadiums with SRO.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Game of Thrones, 2020 Democrat Primary Edition Part II

Many people were deeply saddened by the end of the epic series Game of Thrones. Many more are bored out of their skulls by the endless parade of Democrat candidates for president in 2020. In a stroke of brilliant programming, the DNC has decided to combine the two! Coming soon as a Netflix production:  Game of Thrones, the 2020 Democrat Primary Edition!

Casting is progressing nicely among the progressives lined up for Game of Thrones, 2020 Democrat Primary Edition. Confirmed cast members so far...

Bill De Blasio as Theon Greyjoy, who doesn't exactly have what it takes to be the Father of His Country, if you get my drift!


Bernie Sanders as the High Sparrow, because from the looks of him, no one is higher in his party!

Eric Swalwell as Hodor, because he's pretty much a one note kind of guy!

Amy Klobuchar as the Shame Lady

Elizabeth Warren as the Red Woman without her necklace

That's all for now! Tune in again tomorrow, same batty time, same batty channel!


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