Wednesday, March 30, 2016

This Will Not End Well

Last night CNN hosted a Republican Presidential Town Hall in which we saw all three GOP contenders go back on their pledge to support the eventual nominee of the party. 

John Kasich said of the pledge, “All of us shouldn’t have answered that question.”

Ted Cruz told host Anderson Cooper, “I’m not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks my wife and my family.  I think nominating Donald Trump would be an absolute train wreck.  I think it would hand the general election to Hillary Clinton.”

Cooper posed the pledge question to Trump who said, “No, I don’t anymore.  I’ve been treated very unfairly” by the Republican National Committee and party establishment figures.  He added, Cruz “doesn’t need to support me.  I have tremendous support right now from the people.  I don’t really want him to do something he’s not comfortable with.”
I worry the festering animus by the candidates on “our” side of the aisle is contaminating the discourse among ordinarily sensible people.  The fans, speaking metaphorically, are beginning to fight each other in the stands.  If you’re a Trump supporter Cruz people call you stupid.  And vice versa if you’re a Cruz supporter.  This is a frightening scenario that will not end well.

I’ve have heard some say they will vote for Hillary if Trump is the nominee.  Don’t mistake what I am saying.  Please.

I have said all along that I believe voters must have their say at the ballot box.  Whoever emerges the winner in each state’s primary should receive the delegates that well-established rules dictate they should be awarded. 

The convention in Cleveland should not devolve into a melee in which everyone has their long knives out.  We’ve come too far to surrender to the Marxists and socialists and poodle press who coronated their “messiah” and lied to the American people about Benghazi and the countless classified emails that placed our national security in grave peril and sought to fundamentally transform America. 

Are we willing to surrender without a fight to a fossil socialist or a corrupt and bloodless woman who lied to the four families who lost loved ones in a far-off hell hole in Libya who could be destined for a stretch in a federal penitentiary?

If we can’t get our shit together, the transformation we most fear will be complete in November.  I don’t want that.  Do you?

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