Thursday, January 4, 2018

Shrieking Hens

President Trump made his first appearance of the new year in the White House briefing room during today’s press conference. However, he only appeared on-screen.
White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders introduced the President as a "special guest" before starting a pre-recorded video message delivered to reporters via two screens flanking the briefing podium.
Mr. Trump's message praised the economic benefits of the tax overhaul bill.
"The historic tax cut I signed into law just two weeks ago before Christmas is already delivering major economic gain. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are seeing larger paychecks, bigger bonuses and higher pension contributions and it's all because of the tax cuts and tax reform."
The digital message meant the president did not take questions from reporters who were hellbent to bombard him with questions about the salacious new book by Michael Wolff, “Fire and Fury:  Inside Trump’s White House”.
WH Press Secretary Sarah Sanders dismissed the work as "a book full of lies" and called it "tabloid gossip. I don't really think Americans care about some trash by an author no one had ever heard of until today or a fired employee.”
There’s nothing like a little presidential trollery to make the press run in circles shrieking like hens who’ve been trained at hen school to run in circles and shriek at a little presidential trollery.  Anyone who’s paid attention to this President understands he uses his belligerent New York sense of humor to tease and annoy anyone he finds to be a puffed-up fake or blowhard whether it’s Kim Jong Un, the Iranian mullahs or CNN’s Jim Acosta and Brian Stelter.  But the press doesn’t seem to get the joke.  It’s hard for them to see Trump clearly without removing their heads from their ass.
NOTE:  That last paragraph was appropriated from the inimitable Andrew Klavan.

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