Friday, January 5, 2018

Sloppy Steve’s Got Himself A #War

Photoshop by Matt's Idea Shop
“Sloppy Steve” Bannon is in serious trouble now that he and President Trump are waging a war of words. He just may not be very competent.

In the video embedded below, PJ Media’s Andrew Klavan noted, "You cannot lose Alabama to the Democrats.  It's almost impossible to do and yet Bannon helped do it."
Let’s be honest with ourselves here.  Roy Moore was embroiled in a sexual misconduct scandal that raged on for weeks.  Before any of us learned of his alleged mistreatment of young girls we already knew he’d been tossed from office twice before for his constitutional ignorance.
Klavan postulates the President bit his tongue for a long time before eventually issuing his brutal statement against Bannon.  “Trump is looking forward and thinking ‘I do not want this guy losing any more of my majority’ in the 2018 midterms.”
Klavan mentions a tweet from Mona Charen, Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center:

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