Thursday, October 12, 2017

CNN Went Full Clinton Conspiracy Theory Today

A truly bizarre story appeared in the news today.  CNN, the laughingstock of cable news reported exclusively Russian operatives used platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube™ and Pokémon Go to incite unrest and meddle in American politics.
The fake news organization purported a group called “Don’t Shoot Us” encouraged followers to make use of a feature that allowed them to rename any Pokémon they “captured” on the app by replacing it with the names of victims of police brutality.
The ultimate goal was to use those screenshots to get gullible journalists to write about the in-game protests.  Niantic Labs, the maker of the game, told CNN "users can’t actually share information with others.”
The “Don’t Shoot Us” group’s efforts were discovered as part of an investigation into Russia’s use of Facebook to meddle in the election.  Facebook shared what they had learned about accounts linked to the Kremlin with Google and Twitter.
The only person talking about Pokémon Go during the 2016 presidential election was…

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