Friday, October 13, 2017

Harvey, You’re Making It Hard On Democrats To Talk About The GOP’s War On Women

On the campaign trail Hillary Clinton regularly appeared with celebrities:  Madonna, Beyoncé, Jay Z, the cast of “West Wing”, the cast of “Empire”, Sigourney Weaver, Star Jones, Jaime King, Connie Britton, Elizabeth Banks, Meryl Streep, Demi Lovato, Sarah Silverman, Lady Gaga, RuPaul, America Ferrara, Amy Schumer, Julianne Moore, Lena Dunham, Bon Jovi, George and Amal Clooney, Robert DeNiro, Danny DeVito, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Selma Hayek.
The voters were worried about the cost of their health care premiums and where they would find the money to pay their bills or fix their cars.  
The last thing any of us wants to hear is late night TV hosts and Hollywood bobbleheads who judge themselves to be “America’s conscience” getting preachy about religion, gun control, freedom of speech and climate change. The Democrats relied on Hollywood to sell their message for the last eight years.  
The only celebrity willing to publicly sympathize with Harvey Weinstein was Lindsay Lohan.  Seems her agreement with Harvey was she’d watch him while he showered for a gram of coke. *snark*
The Party must now distance itself from the holier-than-thou Hollywood elites who have for three decades been silent about people like Weinstein and Hillary’s husband who preyed upon vulnerable young women.
Weinstein is the tip of a very large iceberg and that iceberg includes the Democrat Party.
The sanctimonious Tinsel Town is imploding.

UPDATE:  Drew Magary noted in GQ, “Already, active Democrats like Elizabeth Warren and Al Franken have promised to give back whatever money Weinstein donated to their campaigns. That’s all well and good, but it’s a superficial solution to what REALLY plagues the Democratic Party, and hamstrings their already limp attempts to get their shit together. While Clinton and the like may truly not have known the depths of Weinstein’s depravity, they certainly had an idea of who he was. Rumors about Weinstein’s behavior have been public since 2001, and his reputation as the kind of man who screams at anyone who dares cross him precedes those more damning rumors by years and years. It’s not unfair to assume that someone who so relishes power might wield it in horrible ways. Weinstein was an open shitbag, and the DNC still let him be a champion of the party.”

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