Saturday, April 15, 2017

Sumbahdee Say Chockerat Cake?

Saturday was a super big day for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.  State-run television broadcast the hermit nation’s military might during a parade celebrating the birth of the nation’s founder Kim Il Sung.

It was an impressive array of papier-mâché and polystyrene missiles perched on flatbed trucks.  There were even older technology Russian T34 tanks clattering down Kim Il Sung Square.  I hope someone called The Antiques Roadshow.

At one point, goose-stepping soldiers chanted in the direction of Dear Leader “We will die for you.”  It was a rogue’s gallery of starving, indoctrinated slaves.
The braggadocio of North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Han Song-ryol was especially entertaining on the eve of the Day of the Sun festivities.  “North Korea will go to war if the US rashly attempts to carry out a military provocation.”  Han added that the sixth nuclear test was a decision to be made by the North Korean leadership and if the leadership decided a test was necessary it would carry it out at a time and place of its choosing.  Ooooh.  Scary dude.

At 5:21 PM ET North Korea launched a missile near Sinpo.  It blew up almost immediately according to US Pacific Command.

I’m sure, like an overweight version of Pee Wee Herman, Dear Leader will say, “I meant to do that!” 

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