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“Chappaquiddick”: In Theaters 2017

According to a published report at MassLive, filming for the drama “Chappaquiddick” began in September.  Apex Entertainment’s Mark Ciardi and Campbell McInnes are producing. John Curran is directing from a screenplay by Taylor Allen and Andrew Logan.

Based on a script by Andrew Loga, the film recounts the 1969 car accident, where Sen. Edward M. Kennedy drove off a Martha's Vineyard bridge and panicked leaving his passenger, 28-year-old Mary Jo Kopechne, to drown in a pond.  Kennedy left the scene of the accident, returned home and failed to report the accident for nine hours.

Producers of the film describe the plot this way: 
“On the eve of the moon landing, Senator Kennedy becomes entangled in a tragic car accident that results in the death of former Robert Kennedy campaign worker Mary Jo Kopechne.  The senator struggles to follow his own moral compass and simultaneously protect his family's legacy, all while simply trying to keep his own political ambitions alive.”
Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty, Everest, The Great Gatsby) has been cast in the role of Kennedy. He seems perfect for the role.  Why is that you ask?  According to an interview with Thelma Adams of the Observer Clarke said, “One of the last political arguments I had with my progressive father before he passed away was about Ted Kennedy—whether we should judge him by his character or by what he accomplished as a legislator.”

“I was profoundly affected just in reading the script; I wouldn’t say moved, because it’s an emotional thing, and it was.  But there was a lot of turbulence inside me. It made me go and read about the incident.  And then, go back and watch Bobby’s assassination. As I read up and began to put it all in into context, I found it to be a very challenging film. That one critical night changed a lot of things, you know?  It changed his career, it really did, and it started a lot of things, being Chappaquiddick, and it being an examination of politicians and their private lives.”

The film, according to this actor, seeks to bring an understanding of what the man went through.
JASON CLARKE:  We shot in the massive water tank in Rosarito over six weeks for the night of the accident. It was a long night—and it was a really long night for Ted–and a long day. We start off in Washington; then Martha’s Vineyard for the boat race, and then the whole party, the race and then the accident and the whole night to the next morning.  So it was a long night for Ted.  He had a rough night. 
OBSERVER:  Not to mention what kind of night it was for Kopechne, which is what makes the subject particularly chilling and challenging. I’m assuming, since you are the star, that it doesn’t present a portrait of Kennedy that paints him with devil’s horns. But this was a critical night—the critical night—in his life and his career?
Let’s see that again.

“Not to mention what kind of night it was for Kopechne…”

It is not possible to be any more black-hearted and explains why Hollyweird is so reviled.

In April of 2015 I opined about this debauched son of a bitch:

There were a handful of websites that provided a link to a piece at Vanity Fair written by Henry Rollins following the death of Kennedy.  The link is dead in every instance that I have tried.  It is important to note that Rollins consistently lobbed harsh criticism at conservative politicians and pundits, so it came as a bit of a shock when he penned the following in the online version of Vanity Fair:
“…I am very well known, a United States senator. My family is incredibly powerful. There are allegations that I had been drinking heavily hours up to the time I got into the vehicle with the passenger. I deny this for the rest of my life. That at no point did I make an attempt to call for rescue would probably be considered by many people to be outrageous and horrible, perhaps a crime that would carry a prison sentence. Can you imagine what the parents of the deceased would be going through when they found out that their 28-year-old daughter died alone in total darkness? I serve no time. Not inconvenienced by the burdensome obstacle of incarceration, I seek to maintain my elected position. I am successful and remain a senator for the next four decades. Would any deed I performed in that time, besides going to prison for the negligent homicide I committed all those years ago, be enough to wipe the slate clean? After my passing, would you fail to mention the incident and the death of this innocent person in reviewing the events of my long and lauded life? You wouldn’t forget about her, would you? That would be negligent.”
An article found in the Daily Mail describing the replica of his office included a photograph that rests on a desk that Kennedy once owned showing him with his grandchildren on a yacht.  I added a framed photograph of Mary Jo.

Liberals expect us to kneel in worshipful awe to their “Lion of the Senate”.  Kennedy was a drunken, lecherous aberration.  There was nothing heroic about the man. His grave should be pissed on and his “legacy” mocked often.

Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for comment.

UPDATE:  Welcome readers of Larwyn’s Linx.  We thank Doug Ross for linking to this post.

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