Saturday, December 10, 2016

I Just Joined The Pro-Free Speech Social Network

Freedom of speech has come under attack on social media, in the mainstream media and on college campuses.  Political correctness has become pervasive.  Twitter has been removing trending hashtags and banning users in its “purge” of so-called “alt-right” accounts..  YouTube™ recently stopped allowing creators with controversial content to monetize their work.  Even the App Store at Apple is showing partisanship.

Actor and producer James Woods recently decided to quit Twitter, citing censorship concerns.
Now a new social network start up — Gab — is trying to take advantage of what they see as Silicon Valley’s biased censoring of conservative voices, by putting its focus on uncensored free speech.

Gab, which launched in August, is still in early beta stage and so is available via invite only. But CEO Andrew Torba, who worked in Silicon Valley for five years before starting the project, says what began as a three-person startup now has 90,000 users and over 100,000 people applying to be part of the new networking site. (When I signed up the waiting list was in excess of 385,000.)

Torba emphasized to Fox News that Gab is not designed specifically for conservatives, but he believes its emphasis on free speech is appealing particularly to those on the right being silenced on Twitter and other networking sites.
UPDATE:  If you'd like to follow me on gab you can click this link or click on the graphic on my sidebar. 

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