Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Another Squirrel Party

My bestest friend of 40+ years will be celebrating her 75th birthday next Thursday.  So I am loading up the car and heading to the beach tomorrow morning to celebrate this milestone with her family.

I will be traveling through enemy country because my beloved Alabama Crimson Tide defeated the Clemson Tigers in the College Football National Championship Game.  My friend’s son is a devoted Clemson fan and, to make matters worse, is also a long-time fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Since Clemson lost to Alabama, the Steelers lost their playoff game to Denver and my Carolina Panthers beat the Seahawks I doubt that Ron is going to be very happy with me.

I said all that to say that the keys to the liquor cabinet are once again being handed to Proof of Proof Positive and The Grunt of Monte Cristo to provide content while I’m away celebrating my friend’s birthday.

Both Proof and Grunt have proven to be scalawags during my vacays including shenanigans with my Hümmel collection and letting squirrels in the house to wreak havoc inside Casa de Curmudgeon.

My attorney has already drawn up papers advising them both that impugning my good name will not be tolerated.  So if either one of them posts some fractured fairy tale about me don’t you dare believe ‘em!

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