Friday, June 5, 2015

Bill And Hillary Are In “Utter Pursuit Of Money All The Time”

Is it being too optimistic to anticipate a win for the Republicans in 2016?  I ask only because the other guys have on their side the former mayor of Baltimore and governor of Maryland who admits his state botched the rollout of its Obamacare health exchange.  There’s the fossil from Vermont who published some creepy rape fantasies and the Republican turncoat who made the daring suggestion that America embrace the metric system joking, “It doesn’t take long to realize that 34° is hot.”

I totally discount Biden and Jim Webb.  Biden is grief-stricken and entirely too gaffe-prone and Webb, well, he’s the former senator from Virginia, a Reagan Democrat  who has called for “increased congressional input and presidential leadership in laying out coherent foreign policy values for dealing with other countries and potential threats.”  He doesn’t fit the progressive mold.

The electorate is being exposed once again to an endless loop of scandals and the accompanying criticism from both sides of the aisle against America’s most famous grifters.

The latest revelations against Hillary, Bill and their foundation prompted foaming-at-the-mouth liberal wunderkind Jeffrey Sachs to bring out his long knives:  "The Clintons are the ultimate schmoozers.  Bill Clinton’s the one that opened the Democratic party to Wall Street…really wrecked the party in ideological terms, and created a lot of mischief and now we see, frankly, in utter pursuit of money all the time.”
The Wall Street Journal Op-Ed page maintains, “The media’s focus is on Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state, and whether she took official actions to benefit her family’s global charity. But the mistake is starting from the premise that the Clinton Foundation is a ‘charity.’  What’s clear by now is that this family enterprise was set up as a global shakedown operation, designed to finance and nurture the Clintons’ continued political ambitions. It’s a Hillary super PAC that throws in the occasional good deed.” 
Clinton allies are insisting to all who listen that the foundation exists to do good. It does. It exists to do very good things for Hillary and Bill and all their longtime allies. And in that, it has succeeded beautifully.

Was my Photoshop™ too harsh?  

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