Friday, June 5, 2015

Hillary Wants To “Commit Greater Acts Of Voter Fraud”

Every election cycle the contentious subject of voter registration/voter fraud rears its ugly head.  Thursday was no exception as Cankles delivered a speech at Texas Southern University in Houston calling for an expansion of early voting and pushing back against efforts to eliminate voter fraud. 

She asserted that current and former Republican governors seeking the presidency have “systematically and deliberately” tried to prevent millions of Americans from voting. She explained that she wants to expand access to early voting, implement same-day voting and to allow universal, automatic voter registration for young people.

According to, she criticized GOP officials in Florida, Texas and Wisconsin but was very specific in her dig against NJ Governor Chris Christie saying he had vetoed a bill to allow early voting 15 days before an election at designated polling places.

Having none of that Christie snapped back, “Secretary Clinton doesn't know the first thing about voting rights in New Jersey or in the other states that she attacked.  My sense is that she just wants an opportunity to commit greater acts of voter fraud around the country.”

Ohio Gov. John Kasich told Fox News, “I like Hillary, but I got to tell you, the idea that we’re going to divide Americans and we’re going to use demagoguery, I don’t like it.  Now I haven’t said a word about Hillary, but to come into the state of Ohio and say we’re repressing the vote when New York has only Election Day and we have 27 days…come on, that’s just silliness, you know? I’m disappointed in her, frankly.  Don’t be comin’ in and saying we are deliberately trying to keep people from voting when her own state has less opportunity for voting than my state, and she’s going to sue my state?  I mean, come on—that’s just silly…come on, Hillary, you know better than that.”
The backlash against Clinton continued as Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s team released a statement from the governor late Thursday:

“Hillary Clinton’s rejection of efforts to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat not only defies logic, but the will of the majority of Americans. Once again, Hillary Clinton’s extreme views are far outside the mainstream.”

Democrats contend that Republicans overstate the incidence of fraudulent voting to justify steps that depress turnout from minority and other hard-to-reach voters, many of whom would support Democratic candidates. Republicans say Democrats overlook fraud because they want those votes.

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