Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2012 PUK Awards (Please Vote For Me)

Artwork courtesy of iOwnTheWorld

iOwnTheWorld has opened up nominations for their 2012 PUK Awards.  The coveted PUK Award is given out for the best conservative agitprop for the year.

For the uninitiated, The PUK Awards are named for iOTW’s most beloved reader Peter UK, who sadly passed away in November of 2009, well before his time. One of his last comments was, “Make The Bastards Live By Their Own Words.” It’s the inscription on the award.

Please visit iOwnTheWorld and nominate the best work from your favorite websites.  Nominations are open until December 17th.

There’s some truly awesome entries over there.  Here are some of the websites that have entered the contest thusfar:

Diogenes’ Middle Finger
The People’s Cube
The Lonely Conservative
I’m 41
The Looking Spoon
Sad Hill News
Capitalist Preservation
Hope and Change Cartoons
Political Clown Parade

Oh, you noticed yours truly is there too.  Toiling in obscurity, my efforts have been overshadowed by my utter anonymity.  Hopefully, one or more my offerings can change all that.

It’s Christmastime, so I hope the spirit of giving resides in your heart enough for you to nominate some of my work a few thousand times.  I’ve been a good little agitprop machine this year “making the bastards live by their own words” and surely you would want a deserving ‘shopper like me to feel your love.

The iOwnTheWorld staff will whittle the images down to the top 20. You, the readers, will vote on those 20 images. The Top Ten will be passed along to a Guest Judge who will be announced later.  The judge will put the nominations in numerical order, naming one of the pieces as the year’s PUK AWARD WINNER.

Nominations will be accepted until December 17th.  Here’s the link again.  Now go and voter for me, me, me.  Thank you.  Merry Christmas and please, I’m blegging unabashedly here, vote for me.

That is all.


  1. Don't short change yourself.....I know a lot of people that admire your photoshop talents.
    I for one am jealous. ;)


  2. @Diogenes Sarcastica,

    You are too sweet. I feel quite guilty blegging so shamelessly for votes but upon reading your kind words, I am heartened to know that I have not toiled in vain on my 'shops.

    Thanks again, and good luck to your entries.

    I hope you and yours enjoy a blessed Christmas.

    God bless us everyone!

  3. Thank You,
    If I ever get around to changing my blog theme again, I thought I might maybe commission a new banner from you?



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