Saturday, October 20, 2012

Right Jabs For October 20, 2012

Politics is not a playground, it’s a battlefield.  Here are a few links from conservative bloggers who are waging a war of words against the misanthropy, priggishness, prejudice, luddism, illiberalism and irrationalism of the mainstream media bobble-head dolls and groupthink poodles of the press corps.

Sometimes it takes an outside view to clarify important matters. I hope this message will serve that purpose.

How are children supposed to learn to act like adults, when so much of what they see on television shows adults acting like children?

We suspect once President Romney is sworn in challenging the president will become a patriotic duty.

Hard as it is to believe, the disgusting farce of Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency is still hitting new lows

Jeremy and his parents must be thrilled at the prospect of the young scholar requiring a year or two of retraining after acquiring his expensive 4-year degree in order to get him up to speed for the hypothetical factory jobs that will blossom under Obama's best-case employment scenario.

…still nothing—here on the dawn of the most important election in US history.

If Mitt has ‘Romnesia,’ Obama’s got nothing.

Wow. That binder kerfuffle. That’s just all different kinds of stupid, huh?

The first freedom in the days of the American Revolution was freedom from British rule. The first freedom in 1941 was freedom from Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. The first freedom during the Cold War was freedom from Communism. The first freedom in our own time is freedom from Islam.

That flushing sound you hear is another $50 million taxpayer dollars going down the shitter of Teh Won’s Green Energy policy.

This has all the makings for an historic landslide.

Holy Choom!  Praise be His crease!

And, if they say what I think they’re saying, Obama will be back in Chicago on January 21, 2013.

The major base of the Democratic Party is made up of two groups. Those who think they are owed free stuff and those who are just stupid.

…unless the country changes direction and stops moving “forward” this great country will soon be on that road to hell.  This was certainly not the “hope and change” we were all looking for.

James Taranto believes that CNN’s Candy Crowley was duped by David Axelrod to do President Obama’s bidding at the last debate.

But, it isn’t entirely fair to say Obama has no agenda. It’s just that the agenda for a second term is a retread of the first, including all the lies and failure.

If we give The Crapsack™ POTUS the heave-ho on November 6th, there's an additional bonus to this: the lobster-sucking, $5,000-sneaker-wearing WIDE LOAD FLOTUS—Moochelle—gets her fat ass run out of town as well.

What we know for sure is what Washington has known all along: Obama doesn’t like people. And increasingly, people don’t like him.

One of the loopier phrases coined by progressives is "smart power".  At its essence, it seeks to counter violent aggression with the consensus-based woolgathering of the European Union.  A post written back in August of 2011 seems eerily prescient in light of our non-response to the 9/11 attack in Benghazi, Libya.

This is the intellectual dead end liberalism brings us to. Fortunately, reality does not conform to their fevered nightmares. There is always a way, and innovation powered by free-market capitalism is the signpost.

Aren't you glad we have a president who doesn't understand basic economics? Me too! Because then he can walk into a debate and get away with saying stupid shit like this.

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