Friday, June 8, 2018

Dogs Against Romney

A little over two years ago penultimate RINO “Mittens” Romney launched a scathing attack against then-candidate Donald Trump pleading with Republicans to “stop him at any cost.”

While speaking at the Hinckley Institute of Politics Romney said, “Given the current delegate selection process, that means that I’d vote for Marco Rubio in Florida and for John Kasich in Ohio and for Ted Cruz or whoever has the best chance of beating Mr. Trump in a given state.”

“There’s plenty of evidence that Mr. Trump is a con man, a fake.  Mr. Trump has changed his positions, not just over the years, but over the course of the campaign. This recklessness is recklessness in the extreme.  Donald Trump tells us that he is very, very smart.  I’m afraid that when it comes to foreign policy, he is very, very not smart.”

“Here’s what I know, Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud.  His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University.  He’s playing the American public for suckers.”

That seething diatribe was pablum for the legion of Never Trumpers.

On Thursday, the one-time governor and twice-failed presidential candidate while at an invitation-only retreat─the same one he became emotional at two years before telling attendees that “seeing this is breaking my heart for the party”─is now saying the man he so clearly despised would easily win the GOP nomination in 2020 and solidly win a second term.

Talk about a sharp U-turn!

“Mittens” is in the midst of a Republican Senate primary campaign on June 26th against State Rep. Mike Kennedy.  A loss to Kennedy would be an embarrassing stumble tantamount to Granny Clinton’s collapse at the 9/11 Memorial ceremony in 2016.  Who could forget that?

Romney needs to win over Utahn skeptics who question his dedication to the state—he moved there after losing the 2012 presidential race—and some are wary of his criticism of Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Remember when he choked during the last presidential debate with The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer?  I know you do.

He had Benghazi, he had Obamacare, he had the billions of dollars wasted on building the Obamacare website.  He was mute. He did nothing. He choked.  That was the quintessential moment he lost a winnable election.

Someone recently described Mitt Romney as a 6’2” oil slick with teeth.  I will always remember the one thing that dogged him [pun intended]:

He strapped a dog carrier to the roof rack of the family station wagon and put his Irish Setter Seamus into the carrier where the dog remained for the 12-hour trip from Boston to Ontario.

The Boston Globe first broke the story in 2007 when it published a seven-piece profile of Romney after he launched his first presidential run. The Seamus incident was contained in a story about his family life with wife, Ann, and their five sons. It was meant to illustrate Romney’s “emotion-free crisis management.”

The dog, which had a penchant for wandering away from the Romneys’ Boston home, ended up retiring to California with Romney’s sister, Jane, who had space for him to roam freely.  He lived to a ripe old age we’re told, no thanks to Mitt’s stunt.

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