Friday, June 8, 2018

Quote Of The Day

“[Mueller] cast a net on the waters and caught nothing.”

“This enormously complex U.S. intelligence scandal is difficult to follow, even for the media who do so for a living. But the revelations have been adding up. As they do, they create an ever-clearer picture of massive political corruption at the DOJ, FBI and CIA.”

“That is, ‘deep state’ collusion by our three main intelligence agencies, not collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.”

“As much as anyone, former CIA Director John Brennan, an admitted former Communist sympathizer whose questionable past behavior clearly should have disqualified him from a senior intelligence post in the U.S., worked assiduously to undermine the campaign and later the very presidency of Donald Trump.”

“On whose behalf was he doing this? His own? Or someone else's? Was it part of an Obama administration scheme to torpedo any chances that Trump would win the election?”

“Indeed, in recent weeks, the rationale for the Trump investigation — alleged concern about Russia hacking our election — has been shredded.”

“What's left is a major scandal, SpyGate as some call it. It makes Watergate look like a two-bit burglary conducted by political amateurs. Which is what it was.”

“That rumbling you now hear? It's the volcano of political corruption that now is shaking the earth and set to erupt in Washington, DC.”Investors Business Daily Editorial

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