Thursday, August 25, 2016

“Screwples” And The Irredeemably Corrupt Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager denial slut, Robby Mook, appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to blast The Associated Press report which exposed the fact that at least 85 of 154 people who met with her had donated to the Clinton Foundation Slush Fund while she was in charge of the State Department.

He characterized the published report as “outrageous” and accused the news agency of cherry-picking a very small number of meetings.

The AP was forced to sue the State Department in federal court to obtain Clinton’s schedules.

Mook cited some of the people named in the report including Melinda Gates, co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well as Muhammad Yunus, a Nobel Prize winner, as a defense of the Clinton Foundation.  He would have us believe the Foundation takes money from rich donors and gives it to poor people around the world.

He said Melinda and Bill Gates are "recognized around the world as experts at public health issues." Yunus, he said, is a "world-renowned Nobel Prize-winning economist who is an expert in micro-finance."

"That makes perfect sense for her to meet with him," Mook said.

"At every juncture the foundation set up the highest possible standards to prevent any conflict of interest and the State Department itself has said that there was no conflict of interest.”

Even as his boss, the haggard shrew, continues to brazenly joke about her emails, the evidentiary noose is beginning to tighten.  Her loyalists are soiling themselves in terror.

As the unseemly ties between the Clinton Slush Fund and the State Department became more conspicuous, infamous Clinton hatchet man James “Ragin’ Cajun” Carville told CNN on Monday night, “The press has decided that we’re going to go after this and shut it down.  You are probably going to be successful.  There will be people that are going to die because of this.”  The next day he added, “Somebody is going to hell over this.”

If, in the end, the Clinton Foundation is shuttered it won’t be missed by anyone EXCEPT the hundreds of corporate executives, foreign dignitaries and celebrities trying to buy influence.

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