Saturday, November 17, 2018

His Ego Is So Big It Takes Up The Entire State Of Ohio

John Kasich never missed a chance to mention that his dad was a mailman. If he had a nickel for every time he mentioned his father’s job, he might be able to retire with the equivalent of a generous postal service pension. The references have been a staple of his public addresses and interviews for years and invariably made everyone loathe this NeverTrumper.

In March of 2016, “Little Marco” Rubio ended his bid for the presidency.  Kasich found himself stuck in fourth place in a three-man race.  Voters were not flocking to Kasich’s campaign and his irksome refusal to drop out of the race drew the consternation of many in the GOP.

Having earned a paltry 154 delegates and winning only one primary, his home state of Ohio, he reluctantly suspended his campaign two months later.

With the 2018 Midterm Election now over, the 2020 White House race officially gets underway in New Hampshire and the other early primary and caucus states.

The first politician to visit the Granite State was none other than “Pancake Johnny”.  He thought the best way to win votes was to eat his way across America.  His hypnotizing appetite was something to behold.  Now that he’s no longer Ohio’s governor, he’ll have plenty of time to flap his gums and give tutorials on how to eat a pickle.

During a visit to New Hampshire he was asked whether he’d run in 2020:
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