Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Bronx Bolshevik And The Old Guy Who Combs His Hair With A Balloon

When Bernie Sanders appeared in Wichita, Kansas a week ago he said, “ideas once considered to be radical are now part of the mainstream.”

Alongside him on the dais was the Democrat Party’s “Next Big Thing”.  A Bronx Bolshevik who has been toasted on the Sunday talk shows, is making videos with Bernie and running around the country on a breathless endorsement tour.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez credits her primary win over New York Democrat Joe Crowley, who was expected to succeed Nancy Pelosi as Democrat leader of the House, to the efforts of the George Soros-backed BrandNewCongress.org and Justice Democrats.

The policies of Justice Democrats include:  securing a living wage tied to inflation, enacting a federal jobs guarantee, healthcare as a right, tuition-free public colleges, law enforcement reform, abolishing ICE and enacting common sense gun regulation.

Socialism polls brilliantly with the core Democrat base of angry government workers, angry college students, angry welfare recipients and San Francisco eco-billionaires who keep all their money in Caribbean banks.

The Democrats are no longer sure of the difference between whatever it is they believe and socialism. That’s because they have no ideas other than resisting Trump and hating Republicans.

Now I know some trolls on the Left will read this and be tempted to post their defiance of the opinions expressed in the comment section here.  So, for them I will cite a source they can scarcely rebut.

From NBC News:

As Venezuela’s economy crumbles, daily life has become a constant struggle, consisting of waiting in line for food and stretching a minuscule wage that each day buys fewer goods.

The country's monthly minimum wage of 1,307,000 bolívars — around $6.03 on the black market — is enough for two cartons of eggs, a kilo (about 2.2 pounds) of cornmeal and a box of pasta, or two liters of milk, four cans of tuna and a loaf of bread.

Venezuela sits on the world’s largest oil reserve and was once one of Latin America’s wealthiest countries. But as hyperinflation continues to rise to levels not seen anywhere in the world, money loses more and more value.

Venezuela’s crisis can be traced back to Hugo Chávez, who was elected in 1998 on a promise to share the country’s oil wealth with the poor.

He relied heavily on oil revenues to fund his “21st Century Socialism,” agenda, importing goods and selling them at subsidized prices to make things more affordable.

But when oil prices collapsed around 2014, Venezuela had little savings to fall back on. Since then, the government has cut imports and used its small reserves to pay its foreign debt and avoid default. This has turned into a crisis, with shortages in everything from medicine to food.

Billions disappeared from the economy due to cronyism, with Transparency International naming Venezuela one of the most corrupt countries in the world. The socialist utopia has transformed into a failed country.

The Venezuelan people rummage in stinking piles of rubbish for rotten cabbage leaves, desiccated limes and scraps of fetid meat. Zoos have been forced to slaughter animals to feed their starving population and dozens of desperate men were filmed this year shouting “we are hungry” as they surrounded cattle and beat them to death with stones for the meat.

The only part of socialism its intellectually bankrupt adherents enjoy are the freebies.

The late British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher noted, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

History tells us that even before they run out of money, the socialists will run out of sanity.

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