Thursday, May 24, 2018

He Who Gigglefits Last Gigglefits Best

Nancy Pelosi got whipsawed today. 
Before her weekly press conference, the letter President Trump sent to North Korea’s Kim Jong Un informing him he had canceled the June 12 summit in Singapore reached members of Congress and was being widely reported across all news outlets.
When she took the lectern, she was queried about the news.  She said the North Korean leader was the “big winner”.  Pelosi said, “I think it’s a good thing for Kim Jong Un. Here you had a thug, a person who killed his own family members, a person who runs a police state, being legitimized by the President of the United States. They were on par with each other. He got global recognition and regard. He’s the big winner. When he got this letter from the president saying ‘OK, never mind’—he must be having a giggle fit right there in North Korea.”
She added, “This takes preparation. This takes knowledge. This takes judgment. And clearly it takes preparation, which the President didn’t make. It’s clear he didn’t know what he was getting into, and now he’s walking away from it in this very chummy, palsy-walsy letter to Kim Jong Un. He, Kim Jong Un, is the big winner. It’s unfortunate because as you say you want to be optimistic.”
Around 7:00 PM reports were coming in that Vice Foreign Minister Kim Kye-Gwan had issued a statement in response to the President’s letter vowing to continue to pursue peace and signaled it would give Washington more time to consider talks.
“Our goal and will is to do everything for peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula and mankind remains unchanged and we are always willing to give an opportunity to the U.S. side with a big and open mind.  We express our intent that there is willingness to sit at any time, in any way to resolve issues.”

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