Saturday, May 19, 2018

Codename: Crossfire Hurricane

Stefan Halper, Director of American Studies at Cambridge University and a partner at Cambridge Security Initiative along with former MI-6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove is the informant spook who provided information to the CIA and FBI for the Russia investigation before and after Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s appointment on May 17, 2017.
It has now been confirmed the Trump campaign was subjected to spying tactics via FISA surveillance, national security letters and covert intelligence operatives who work with the CIA and allied intelligence agencies.
CNN, NBC, The Washington Post and New York Times are more nervous than a virgin at a prison rodeo awaiting the release of the much-anticipated Department of Justice Inspector General’s report on the FBI and DOJ’s investigation and handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe.
The Clinton report is expected to be followed by a third report on the IG’s investigation into the FBI and DOJ’s handling of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) application on Carter Page, a former volunteer for the Trump campaign. The IG announced this investigation in March.
The good Roger Simon bluntly wrote, “What is being exposed now is an attempt by our highest law enforcement agency working in concert with our intelligence agencies and, evidently, the blessing of the former administration itself to block the candidate of the opposing party, even to defraud and spy on him, that is to, as others have said, "set him up." And then, if they were unsuccessful, make it impossible for him to govern. In addition, in all probability, the same players conspired to make certain Hillary Clinton was not indicted for a crime for which virtually any other American would have done jail time.”
If all that made your blood boil, watch former U.S. Attorney General Joe di Genova predict what’s coming for Brennan and his friends in the press.

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