Saturday, January 6, 2018

Isn’t There A Zebra Carcass Chuck Todd Should Be Hovering Over?

After the release of the fantasy book by Michael Wolff, NBC’s Chuck Todd reported, "Welcome to a five-alarm dumpster fire for the White House or shall we call it Bannon’s rebellion? The Russia investigation has been blown open in dramatic fashion. Not by the ‘fake news media,’ not by the ‘deep state Justice Department,’ but by Steve Bannon!"
The nation's journalists cover this obvious nonsense because otherwise, they'd have to enter what to them is uncharted territory: the truth.
If there's anything substantial in Wolff's tales of chaos in the early Trump White House, it shows nothing more than this:  Those of us who thought the political neophyte Trump was unprepared to take office in January were correct, and Trump’s response—that he would learn in office and appoint the "best people" to help him—was equally correct.
We are watching our mainstream news media collapse. They leap with reckless abandon on any fake news that might make Trump look bad and then are forced to retract it. They are, at least to this observer, not reporting actual news but their own sick and twisted fantasies.
We were also treated to CNN’s Brian “The Nation’s Hall Monitor” Stelter’s declaration Trump’s latest tweets were “madness” and asserted as fact that the President is mentally unfit to serve. Stelter’s evidence of Trump’s mental health was not based on medical evidence, but solely on the President’s tweets.
How, for the love of God, can anyone take this dolt seriously? I ask this because in 2016 Stelter agonized over concerns that were raised when his Queen exhibited a pattern of documented medical episodes, including a concussion and a “life-threatening blood clot”.  When more questions arose in August 2016 after her prolonged public coughing fits it was Stelter who dodged the issue strongly suggesting the state of her health should be referred to her doctors.
A couple of days ago, Newt Gingrich penned an op-ed for Fox News.  In his piece Gingrich noted:
There could be no greater contrast in leadership on the world stage and in interpreting reality than President Obama’s “lead from behind” model in Iran versus President Trump’s “lead from the front” model.
When the Iranian people demonstrated against the nation’s dictatorship in 2009, President Obama was weak and quiet. He was so interested in getting a nuclear arms deal with the dictatorship that he did not want to irritate Iran’s leaders.
President Trump represents a remarkably different view of reality. He believes weakness begets weakness. He believes bad regimes are bad. He believes leaders look for opportunities and move aggressively and courageously to advance their vision of the world. He believes America is big enough and strong enough to provide real leadership.
In his address to the United Nations in September, President Trump said: “The entire world understands that the good people of Iran want change, and, other than the vast military power of the United States, that Iran's people are what their leaders fear the most. This is what causes the regime to restrict Internet access, tear down satellite dishes, shoot unarmed student protestors, and imprison political reformers.”
Note that President Trump, who the elite left insists is ignorant and dangerous on national security and foreign policy, was describing the potential for the current popular demonstrations three months before they started.
Now that as some courageous Iranians have risked prison and even death by standing up to the dictatorship, President Trump is once again proving that he represents the opposite of President Obama’s passivity and weakness.
David Ignatius, one of the most respected columnists on foreign affairs and national security, wrote a recent column in The Washington Post headlined: “Trump is right to tell Iran the world is watching.”
When President Trump starts getting “Trump is right” headlines in The Washington Post, you know something big is happening.

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