Monday, December 5, 2016

Beltway Ninnies And New York Times Propaganda Ministry Plead “Don’t Upset The Dragon!”

The bed-wetting on the Left over a congratulatory phone call made to President-elect Trump by Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan’s first female president, caused heads to explode last Friday.  But why?  Because no US Commander-in-Chief has spoken directly to a Taiwanese leader since America established diplomatic ties with Beijing in 1979 via President Jimmy Carter’s “one China” policy.

The President-elect did not inform the White House or the corrupted-by-Hillary State Department beforehand.  He did not consult with what is effectively America’s liaison office in Taipei, the American Institute in Taiwan.  Each would have tried to stop him.

Chris Murphy, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in a tweet acknowledged that “consistency is a means, not an end” but suggested Trump’s moves, including the call with Tsai, “are major pivots in foreign policy w/out any plan.” “That’s how wars start,”the Connecticut Democrat wrote.

Evan Medeiros, former Asia director on the National Security Council, told the Financial Times Chinese leaders “will see this as a highly provocative action, of historic proportions” and that he is worried “Trump is setting a foundation of enduring mistrust and strategic competition.”
The people of Taiwan (formerly known as Formosa) consider themselves Taiwanese not Chinese and Beijing is worried the island situated off China’s southeastern coast will formally break away and declare itself the Republic of Taiwan.  China has long sought to absorb the island nation into the Communist Party’s “Motherland”.

Gordon Chang, a noted expert on China, Asia and nuclear proliferation as well as a former trustee of Cornell University notes, “Trump, by seemingly not caring about Beijing’s reaction, has cut China down to size, telling its autocrats he does not fear them.”

“Just about everyone assumed the Chinese would create a crisis for Trump in his first months in office, just as they created crises for both George W. Bush—in April 2001 with the detention of the crew of the U.S. Navy EP-3—and his successor—the harassment of the Navy’s unarmed reconnaissance vessels, the Impeccable and Victorious, in March and May 2009.”

“Instead, Trump took the initiative and created a crisis for China’s leaders, and he did that more than a month before taking the oath of office. Therefore, Beijing is bound to find the next months unfamiliar and unsettling.”

“There is, if you need a metaphor, a rather large bull in the china shop. And, yes, that could be a good thing.”

China is a bully.  The Communist regime is a master at strategic and methodical planning fully seizing on Obama’s impotence as a leader.  It has engaged in a series of confrontations in the East and South China Sea.  They have witnessed the decline of the United States under the sorry leadership of The World’s Most Dangerous Community Organizer.  The leaders of that country chortle at his ineptitude in much the same way you will see in the video below.  The point of the video, released 6 years ago, is Americans erred by turning away from their values. We should shudder at the idea of a Chinese-dominated future.

Our betters on the Left show little, if any, regard for the Taiwanese people.  They are quite happy to turn a blind eye to the expansion of Communism in the Pacific Rim.  Leave well enough alone they say.  Don’t upset the Dragon they say.  Watch the failed attempt by ABC’s little Georgie Stephanopoulos to create a controversy where none exists.

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