Friday, September 2, 2016

Smoke Getting’ To Ya Granny?

Remember last week when Granny Clinton pushed back on published reports that she took meetings with Clinton Foundation donors while working at the State Department?
She nonchalantly declared, “I know there’s a lot of smoke and there’s no fire.
Well sir, the smell of a fully engulfed pantsuit on fire is beginning to fill the air.  Today’s revelations resulting from scores of pages published by the FBI summarizing interviews with Clinton and her top aides demonstrate her flagrant scheme to prevent a full public accounting of her tenure at State and her “extreme carelessness” with regard to decisions involving national security consequences and the risks involved.
1. She cited her 2012 concussion as the reason that she cannot remember details of briefings during her "transition out of office."
2. She said she never even thought whether emails she exchanged on a future US drone attack should be classified.
3. She said she thought the "C" before a paragraph indicated alphabetical order. The C actually stands for "classified."
4. She said no one ever raised concerns to her about her use of a private email server.
5. She said she could not recall any training on how to handle classified information.
These statements are damning when you're trying to look like a competent and alert leader.  

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