Wednesday, July 13, 2016

She’s Melting…Melting

Just as the death of the spawn of Hades, Ramsay Bolton was satisfying for viewers in Season 6 of the HBO Original Series Game of Thrones, news today that the Screeching Banshee’s lead over Donald Trump has withered to a meager 3 percentage points ushered in a mirthful schadenfreude for all the #NeverHillary folks out there.  She had it coming.

The release today of the latest Quinnipiac Poll shows Trump leads Clinton in Florida 42 to 39, in Pennsylvania he leads 43 to 41 and they are tied at 41 in Ohio.

Quinnipiac takes twelve days to compile their polling results.  That’s important because this poll was begun before FBI Director recommended Clinton not be charged for mishandling classified material and ended after Attorney General Loretta Lynch abdicated her responsibility as the head of Obama’s Department of Justice.

Although Clinton was not indicted legally she was indicted politically.  The facts surrounding “Emailgate” have borne out as a two-tiered system of justice—one for the politically well-connected and one for the rest of us.  The Q Poll also highlighted that Clinton’s unfavorables are now higher than Trump’s.

Except for stalwarts in her party, Hillary is universally despised.  Having outspent Trump 40 to 1 to this point in the campaign you’d think the Screeching Banshee would be 10, 20 maybe even 30 points ahead.  But she ain’t.

Hopefully America will reject the “extremely careless” hag in November.

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