Monday, April 11, 2016

Flowing Curves Bonus: Star Trek Edition

Because, sometimes, one Monday "Curves" post is just not enough.  Why Star Trek? Because Curmudgeon forbid it before she left town.  That should be justification enough.
Well, this is not the way I remember these pics.  Proof!  Have you been messing with my Star Trek archives?

What the...?

This isn't even Star Trek.  And Bernie doesn't have any 'curves.'  What's going on?

Oh, now that's just not right.  Making fun of Grace Lee Whitney is NOT COOL!

I'm strangely OK with this one...  I look pretty fly as a Ferengi.  This is just going to get me in trouble with Gruntessa, though.  I can see that right now...

Marina Sirtis looks pretty good here.  I'm having trouble determining whether you altered this one at all, Proof.  And if you did, I'm having trouble objecting!

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