Monday, December 21, 2015

New Debate Photos Leaked from ABC Reveal Real Reason for Hillary's Delays

GRUNTINGTON POST [PARODY] - Already stung by several irregularities in the production of the December Democrat 2016 Presidential Debate Saturday night, ABC News has now been forced to address new photos leaked to various news services that raise questions about their handling of the debates.  It now appears that the network faked a half hour delay and restart of the event after one of the candidates showed up visibly drunk and without her wig.

After exchanging initial pleasantries with the moderators, candidate Hillary Clinton downed an entire water glass containing, apparently, some kind of vodka, and she then became belligerent and disrespectful of a producer with a Semitic name, asking him for "a smooch, hunky Jew boy."  After one of Mrs. Clinton's assistants apologized to the producer and lured the candidate off stage with an unopened bottle of Grey Goose, chaos was averted for a while until the event could be restarted at a half hour after the original airing time.

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