Saturday, January 10, 2015

Divisional Playoffs: Carolina Panthers Vs Seattle Seahawks

Days before the Panthers boarded a plane to travel to Seattle for their game against the Seahawks a fowl odor, a stinky fog “full of fish farts” if you will, swept over the city.  Was it “Super Bowel” fever?

In any event, the only reason the Angry Kitties are in the divisional playoffs is because they won in the pathetic NFC South beating the Falcons who played a horrible, mistake-riddled game.  I actually felt sorry for Falcons’ QB Ryan Lindley.
The Panthers deserve to be rated as underdogs in this game, but if there is to be a snowflake’s chance in hell of beating the Seahawks a couple of things have to happen.  Cam Newton needs to drop his puffed-up ego and play like a pro footballer.  He needs to stop his arrogant gestures when he connects with his receivers and for gosh sakes don’t do that stupid “Superman” crap if they score.  That just pisses off people.  Newton’s two lowest-yardage games were against the Seahawks in 2012 with 141 yards and in 2013 with a pitiful 125 yards.  You see my point, right?
Another way to win would be to score and keep on scoring to quiet down the crowd which is notoriously known as the “Legion of Boom”.  If you take the crowd out of the game you have a chance.
The Panthers are on a five-game winning streak and defensively are a much better team than they were earlier in the season.  Still, they are underdogs.

And because no football post would be complete without pom-poms, please feast your eyes upon the lovely Dana and Lindsey, just two of the Top Cats who make up the cheerleading squad for the Panthers.

By the way, I’m rooting for the Ravens to destroy the Patriots in this afternoon’s game if for no other reason than to watch Tom Brady have a meltdown on the sideline hurling F-bombs.

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