Sunday, June 16, 2013

Right Jabs For June 16, 2013

Politics is not a playground, it’s a battlefield.  Here are a few links from conservative bloggers who are waging a war of words against the misanthropy, priggishness, prejudice, luddism, illiberalism and irrationalism of the mainstream media bobble-head dolls and groupthink poodles of the press corps.

But first, this little tale (pun most certainly intended):

The strapping young Marxist and his shrill spouse will be trekking to sub-Saharan Africa later this month.  They are due to travel to Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania.

Originally, their plans included a Tanzanian safari to drink in the beauty of that fascinating travel destination where they could view the splendor of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru, relax on the beaches of the islands of Zanzibar, Mafia or Pemba and tour The Serengeti National Park known for its unbelievable density of animals.

That density of animals would have required the president’s special counterassault team to carry sniper rifles with high-caliber rounds “that could neutralize (or what we poor folks like to call killing) cheetahs, lions and other vicious predators if they became a threat according to a leaked document.

But, alas, the safari has been canceled.

Gun grabbers are pissed finding hypocrisy in the president’s “short-lived plan to rely on armed men for protection from wildlife, using the same kind of weapons his administration wants banned from public use to protect against human predators.”

“Mr. Obama shouldn’t need special counter-assault teams to neutralize threats,” Second Amendment Foundation founder Alan Gottlieb said.  “He’s got the IRS for that doesn’t he?”

And now, on to other news from the dextrosphere:

And thus, the bozo leviathan blunders on. Big Politically Correct Brother sees everything…and nothing.

… be patient.  The White House powers-that-be have a plan, and they will implement that plan on their schedule. 

The left provides tyranny with the social motive to come into being, but in the long run the left is only the midwife of tyranny. Its ideology and activists dismantle democracies and burgeoning democracies and replace them with tyrannies.

If Sarah Palin had become president…

The disbelief you once had that a society could willingly stroll to a totalitarian condition?  You’re watching it happen.

It’s almost like it was designed to fail or something.

It is a great irony, and history will marvel at it, that the president most committed to expanding the centrality, power, prerogatives and controls of the federal government is also the president who, through lack of care, arrogance, and an absence of any sense of prudential political boundaries, has done the most in our time to damage trust in government.

Benghazi had death under terrifying circumstances, the IRS scandal had the most feared federal agency on the rampage against innocent citizens, the Justice Department scandal had reporters targeted for doing their jobs. But it is the NSA scandal that has provided the context for all the others, that has brought them together as a bleak and brooding menace threatening American life as it has always been lived.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there and a special thanks to all my readers.

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