Sunday, June 16, 2013

Woodsterman Channels Sally Field

I have to say when I announced the winners of the 2013 Paul Revere Awards I never dreamed that one winner in particular would be so appreciative.  He’s acting like he won the Publishers Clearing House contest.

He’s over at his site displaying photographs of the awards ceremony replete with celebrities offering their congratulations.  It’s like its Christmas in June over there.

The NSA crept over to Odie’s humble abode, bugged the joint and set up some surveillance cameras.

Odie had already rolled up the carpet, installed an Academy Awards-like stage with spotlights, took a bath, brushed his teeth, raked through his beard and even put on a tuxedo.

I think he’s almost proud enough to channel Sally Field.  If the NSA is still recording the celebration, they just might catch him saying, “You like me, you really like me.”

Calm down hon.  Yes, we do like you.

And then there’s this demonstration of astonishment—Earl of Taint went and changed his website banner citing that he was now the “Award Winning Earl of Taint” and even included his “hunk of InnerWeb Candy.” 

He wrote in his blog post, “There you go. The award is 100% authentic. Meaning it was obviously sent to me by mistake because I clearly don’t belong in this elite group of people that write things, with words, in a linear fashion, consistently. I’m deeply honored regardless. And I’m not giving it back.  I cannot live without it.”

All the winners have written to me in emails or in the comment section expressing their appreciation for the recognition of their hard work, but these two guys take the cake.

I’m proud of all the winners.  Next year, the winners will get a big bag of personalized M&Ms to go with the trophy.

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