Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Jeff Flake: An Unremitting Failure

Jeff Flake, one of two nutcake senators from the Great State of Arizona was at it again today.

He chided the President for calling for unity during his State of the Union address last week and then following up with a series of blistering partisan attacks on Twitter and in Blue Ash, OH on Monday.
“The President said that the State of the Union address was meant to promote and encourage unity in government. Then why follow up less than a week later with this divisive and harmful rhetoric? 
On Monday, the President noted that "somebody" suggested Democrats were treasonous for not applauding after Trump noted the sharp drop in black unemployment levels. "Can we call that treason? Why not? They certainly don't seem to love our country very much." 
"Treason is not a punchline, Mr. President." He said Trump appears to not know what he's talking about, or how his words will be heard in the country and around the world.
"One who levels such a charge knows neither the meaning of treason nor the power that the words of a president carry," he said. "And if we are numb to such words, then we will surely regret that we failed to defend our colleagues in the Congress against such a vile remark. But our silence will also mark the day that we failed to recognize that this conduct in an American president simply is not normal."
Flake exclaimed that President Trump misunderstands why people stand and clap during State of the Union addresses. "Mr. President, respect is earned, not commanded. Applause signals approval of an idea, not loyalty toward one's country."
That, Mr. Flake, is precisely why the concept of treason rings true to everyone except you.
I have depicted the arrogant sumbitch Flake in a movie poster from the 1992 film “Bob Roberts”.  It’s a story in which populism no longer means the solidarity of the working class─a troubling revelation of division─race against race, worker against worker, with hate being stirred up to obscure the enemy; the profit-takers who are leaving companies stripped and dead and how the political process has been debased.
Remember, it was just last month that he compared President Trump to Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.
Suddenly Washington appears to be a den of traitors. For months, various Democratic politicians and commentators have all but accused President Trump or his family of treason. These accusations reflect the distemper that has taken hold of our politics. Calling opponents traitors has a long and dark history in our country—a history we would be wise not to repeat.
The Washington Examiner reported Senator Flake “floated a bid during a discussion with students of Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service:
“If President Trump decides to run for a second term, and all the energy in the Democratic Party right now is on the left, the far left, either Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and if the Democrats nominate somebody on their left, and we nominate somebody who is, right now, on our far right, there’s got to be a huge swath of voters in the middle looking for something else. I’ve always thought that time for an independent might be in the far future, it may not be that far. Now who that will be, we don’t know. And I do think that there will be a Republican challenge to the president as well. Somebody who just gets out there, probably with no hope of winning, but just to remind Republicans what we used to stand for, limited government, economic freedom, free trade, pro-immigration. And so, I think you’re going to see a very exciting election period coming up.”

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