Friday, July 14, 2017

Special Counsel Robert Mueller Won’t Last Another 100 Days

The staff at Lawnewz made an extraordinary prediction earlier today.  It was so extraordinary Nick Givas went to press with the story at 4:44 PM for The Daily Caller.
The piece begins with what everyone clearly understands─President Trump is extremely unhappy with the protracted Russia investigation referring to it on Twitter at least a dozen times as a “witch hunt”.
The investigation has taken a decidedly more perilous and personal turn for the President. And that’s exactly why Lawnewz believes it won’t be longer than 100 days before Trump pulls the trigger on firing Mueller.  As information continues to seep out about the work Mueller is doing and the subpoenas start coming, we believe the President will be increasingly frustrated and the administration will undoubtedly continue to seek to undermine Mueller’s credibility. And let’s be clear, by any objective standard Mueller is an unassailable, apolitical public servant.
Many are saying there is no way the Administration would risk the fallout from having Mueller fired. And, as investigators are now reportedly probing Jared Kushner‘s role in potentially helping to direct a Russian operation targeting voters with fake news about Hillary, and as the specter of obstruction of justice in connection with firing FBI Director Comey hangs over the President and his Administration, we believe it now more likely than not Trump will decide that Mueller must go.
Among the reasons the Administration will likely cite:
– Mueller’s friendship with Comey
– Some yet to be discovered bias on the part of Mueller and his team
– The cost of the investigation
– The need to focus on “more important” issues
The legal website was careful to add, “Trump nor anyone in his Administration is guilty of any crime.  That is for the Special Counsel to decide.”

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