Thursday, February 5, 2015

Brian Williams: The Most Terrific Liar You Ever Saw

Suffering from delusions of grandeur, NBC news anchor Brian Williams has been caught in a lie.  Check that.  A couple of lies.

Fancying himself a kind of Col. Jessup from A Few Good Men, Williams willfully lied to portray his counterfeit bravery.  The claim that his helicopter was hit by RPG and AK-47 fire in Iraq has crumbled and now he is assiduously attempting to salvage his career.

For over 10 years Williams has repeated his half-truth of heroic survival and even told it again as recently as last Friday night, during a Rangers game when NBC did a special segment about one of the soldiers who protected him in Iraq.

He was busted when Stars & Stripes, a military newspaper, asked the helicopter crew members about that fateful day and they had a different story to tell: the truth.

He lies as easily as his hero Law Professor/Community Organizer president and rivals his smugness.

Someone should remind Williams his lies are tantamount to stolen valor.

UPDATE 6:54PM: Brian Williams lied about seeing “entire war plan” for Iraq invasion on Facebook.

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