Saturday, January 26, 2013

What Is This New Devilry?

From Daniel Greenfield’s blog, Sultan Knish, the last paragraph from his Friday Afternoon Roundup titled Absolute Zero:
“It is the inherent, ineluctable nature of a state of zero in a person that a man who is lacking in character and values must be a destroyer. He becomes something when he is able to demonstrate his capacity for destruction. He must act to sustain the illusion. Destruction is his own proof of power."
He then provides a link to Edward Cline’s Rule of ReasonCline cites Greenfield’s blog post, The Authenticity of Fake, and postulates the following terrifying scenario:
“The dish-rattling rumble you hear are the hordes of Orcs coming for you and your life. They are advancing from several directions: from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, from Capitol Hill, from the Justice Department, from the Supreme Court, and from their auxiliaries; the EPA, and the AFT, the TSA, and the DEA, the HHS, and other phalanxes of statism.”
Their thoughts and ideas inspired the Photoshop™ shown here.

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