Monday, January 14, 2013

I’m Feeling More Charged Than A Visa Card At Christmas Time

This is it.  For the last two weeks I’ve updated everyone on the cage matches over at iOwnTheWorld.  The cage match solution became necessary when so many submissions were vying for the coveted PUK Award.

There were 28 nominations and the cage matches whittled the number down to 14 finalists who had created the best conservative agitprop for 2012.

You can view the 14 finalists here

Commenter joe6pak said, “From top to bottom, there is some great work there.”  And phil.arbeit wrote, “I think the overall level of the competition’s entries improve every year. Our artists are getting better and better! These are all winners already. To all the artists: Thanks for doing what you do for US!”

Two friends are finalists:  The Looking Spoon has three entries in the finals and Capitalist Preservation has one.  I am fortunate to have two entries in the Final 14. 

About one of my entries, Norman Einstein posted this comment, “Remember when there was REAL hope and change.  Hands down.” 

Referring to my other offering, MaryfromMarin wrote, “I’ll bet BHO would vote for 'Everything is going according to plan'. And would probably hang it in the private bathroom adjacent to the Oval Office.”

This year’s judge will be writer Clarice Feldman. Clarice is the most fitting judge we have ever had, because it is Clarice that introduced us to Peter Bocking, the namesake of the PUK awards. Puk was Peter’s online nickname, which was shortened from PeterUK. We will always miss you and will always try to live up to your most often stated refrain—“Make the bastards live by their beliefs.”

Rosalind J, commenting on the tough job the judge faces wrote, “I don’t envy her the job of deciding which of these should be declared the best. What are the odds of a three-way tie? Good luck Clarice!"

The winner will be announced Monday night at 8PM ET.

How cool would it be for there to actually be a three-way tie:  My two friends and me?  The anticipation is exciting.

Honestly, I wish the very best of luck to everyone.

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