Sunday, August 21, 2011

Barry’s Killer Bunny Wunny

The Chicago Tribune’s John Kass asks, “Is President Barack Obama on the verge of being attacked by a bunny wabbit?”
He thinks so and provides his reasoning:
“All the signs suggest that Obama is in immediate danger of a rabbit attack. It would ruin what's left of his presidency. And it would horrify Democrats by ushering in, say, a President Bachmann.”
“It might happen while he's on that ridiculous vacation of his. Obama is chilling at some exclusive multimillion-dollar estate on Martha's Vineyard, even as thousands more Americans hit the unemployment lines, and as Republicans like Michele Bachmann make wild-eyed, crazed claims about bringing back $2 per gallon gas.”
"’I think it's a little too early yet for the president to be attacked by a rabbit,’ cautioned a veteran Chicago Democrat wise in the ways of Obama. ‘But it's close. Real close.’”
“Anyone who thinks Obama is safe from a rabbit attack has forgotten what happened to President Jimmy Carter In 1979. Carter was attacked by a swimming rabbit, and the subsequent ‘Killer Rabbit’ stories helped destroy his presidency. It led to the election of Republican Ronald Reagan in a landslide and an unprecedented economic revival.”

“There are eerie similarities. Like Obama, Carter was at that point where he was constantly viewed as weak and ineffectual. His fellow Democrats had lost patience with him. Liberal writers who once fawned on him had turned against him.”
Folk singer Tom Paxton even wrote a tune about it, called "I Don't Want a Bunny Wunny."

Via Memeorandum and The Lonely Conservative.
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  1. Awesome. The Other McCain sent me.

  2. @Zilla/MJ,

    Glad you visited. Hope you do so often. Have a great Sunday.

  3. It was even better that that. Carter was fishing IN A BOAT! The wabbit swam out to the little boat and tried to get in. If I remember correctly, there was a picture of Dimmy with an oar smacking the water near the wabbit. I can't decide what looks worse, using an oar to thwart the evil plans of an aggressive lettuce eater or our current commander-in-chief ridding a girls bike while wearing mom jeans and a super dork helmet. It would be hilarious if it weren't so damned sad....

  4. @Corsair,

    In either case, the optics illustrate weakness and ineffectiveness. America needs a leader and November 2012 can't come soon enough.

    Thanks for checking in. Enjoy your Sunday.

  5. We're only into Day 4 of Obama's lavish vacation at the $20 million Martha's Vineyard farm estate. Still plenty of time for a definitive "killer rabbit" moment to happen. More popcorn, please... and love the graphic!

  6. @classic_film,

    Thanks for visiting here. Hope you become a regular. Enjoy what's left of your weekend.


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