Saturday, January 18, 2020

She Wants To Stop Pelosi’s Mockery Of The Constitution

Last May the future ambitions of a strong-willed woman in the House of Representatives began to take center stage when Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi decided to retire in 2020.

The media tried to press Liz Cheney for an answer on whether she would seek Enzi’s seat.  She was tight-lipped at the time but now she is making noise as she climbs higher on the GOP leadership ladder.

In 2016, she won Wyoming’s only House seat.  Two years later—and days after losing the majority—House Republicans voted Cheney into party leadership as Republican Conference Chairwoman, the third-highest ranking job in the minority.  Cheney pledged in November 2018, “We’re absolutely going to take back the majority.”

On Thursday, Rep. Liz Cheney announced she will pass up running for the Senate saying, “The choice between staying here in House leadership, being somebody who can help lead the fight against Speaker Pelosi, against socialism, against what the Democrats are trying to do to weaken the country, versus the alternative of running for being a freshman senator, for me, it was very clear that I could have a much bigger impact here.”

"I think the House really is going to continue to be at the front lines for the battles in terms of the economic fight over socialism, making sure that we continue the kind of economic growth and deregulation that we've seen over the last three years, as well as the issues that we're facing from a national security perspective," Cheney said.

“The American people are seeing once again that the Democrats can’t be trusted. To do something this reckless with one of their most important constitutional obligations, thinking about impeaching the President of the United States, reminds people yet again what happens when they’re in the majority. A number of Democrats hold districts that Trump won around the country, and I feel really good about our chances to get their seats back in the districts where they’ve failed to produce for the people who sent them here.”

Rep. Richard Hudson of North Carolina said, “She’s a strong leader and I’m glad she’s staying in the House and staying in leadership.”

“She will be a force in the House for years to come,” said Rep. Devin Nunes of California.

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