Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Journalism Drowns In Designer Coffee

A Kiefer, OK police officer went into a Starbucks to pick up five drinks as a show of thanks for 911 dispatchers who were working over the Thanksgiving holiday.  When the officer got his order, he saw the word “Pig” printed on the cups’ labels.

The officer uploaded an image of one of the cups on Facebook prompting a response from the company.  According to ABC affiliate KTUL-TV, the intemperate barista called to apologize saying the stunt was meant as a joke.

When news of the incident reached Starbucks HQ, they fired the employee and issued the following statement:

"This language is offensive to all law enforcement and is not representative of the deep appreciation we have for police officers who work tirelessly to keep our communities safe."

Early this morning the laughingstock of all laughingstocks tweeted a link to an entire article on their website shilling for the coffee company.
I sincerely hope Princess Acosta doesn’t mind my using his likeness for the new and improved ad for Starbucks’ new designer drink.  After all, didn’t “Dear Diary Guy” emphatically declare to President Trump that CNN is real news?  Why yes, I think he did. 

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