Thursday, August 22, 2019

Who Was The Last Person To See Jimmy Hoffa? Jacques Cousteau

A massive wave of dead bees in Brazil has sparked concern among environmentalists. As reported by Bloomberg, roughly 500 million bees have dropped dead in the Latin American country over the last three months.

Environmentalists suspect that the recent influx of newly registered pesticides allowed in Brazil have contributed to the wave of dead bees.

Sounds like Brazil is covering up some heinous murder plot.  After all, the day after 2,000 pages of documents were unsealed in a Manhattan federal court revealing new, repugnant details of sex abuses against Jeffrey Epstein, friend of Bubba and Cankles, he was “suddenly” dead of an “apparent suicide.”

The Clintons were spotted making their way along a beachfront in the Hamptons on Wednesday.  We have photographic evidence to that effect.  Inspector Clouseau  is investigating their alibi for the last three months.

Clouseau wants to know what the bees knew about Hillary and Bubba because everybody knows you don't breathe a word to anyone about what you know about the Clintons.

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