Wednesday, August 14, 2019

GOP Fires Back At One Of CNN’s Most Irritating Anchors

By now you’ve heard about or seen the viral video of CNN’s Chris Cuomo launching a profanity-laden tirade against a man at a bar in New York.  The video was taken down by YouTube™ who later reinstated it admitting it was a mistake to have done so.

Later in the day, as the video kept racking up clicks and showed no signs of relenting, some iPhone owners began asking Siri, Apple’s voice feature, “How old is Chris Cuomo?”  Siri responded, “Fredo Cuomo is 49 years old.”

How hilarious is that?  The virtual assistant was eventually edited to correct the answer.  It is not yet clear how the change was made or who was responsible for the edit.

The comeuppance for this mocktastic ignoramus didn’t stop there.  The Trump-Pence reelection campaign swooped in and made available the “Fredo Unhinged” t-shirt.  They’re available online.

“Help us annoy Chris Cuomo and buy your ‘Fredo Unhinged Tee’ now!”, the ad says.  The tees cost $34.  Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale tweeted, “Selling faster than Fredo’s meltdown!  Thank you #FredoCuomo for filling up our coffers.  You have now directly supported the POTUS!”

Tim Murtaugh, Director of Communications for the Trump campaign, said the t-shirts were a response to “media elites who have different rules for themselves than the ones they try to enforce on President Trump and his supporters.  Cuomo melted down.  It felt like it needed a t-shirt to commemorate the occasion.”

I ordered mine last night.

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