Wednesday, June 19, 2019


According to The Wall Street Journal, President Trump's political advisers wanted to keep the him off Twitter during the Democratic debates next week, arguing that there was an advantage in letting potential challengers attack one another without distraction.”

“Now, there’s a new strategy.”

The debates set for June 26 and 27 will feature his favorite targets, Pocahontas on the first night and Sleepy Joe Biden and Crazy Bernie the following evening.

President Trump can fit two, three, or even four distinct statements into a single tweet. Each little rhetorical zinger hits the feeds of his 61.1 million followers with tremendous force. 
While his challengers reserve space on their Twitter feeds to fit in links to policy proposals or flattering coverage from the fake news, Donald Trump is totally comfortable yielding every last character in his tweets to rhetorical flourishes. They work so well; the actual content hardly matters.
The DNC's decision to not let FOX News host any Democratic presidential primary debates means the already slumping ratings for CNN and MSNBC will not improve as they host the debates.

I have an idea:  If they really, really, really wanted to punch up the debates they would overlay Trump’s live tweets on the screen.  It would be Zinger-geddon. 

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