Monday, June 17, 2019

Buttigieg Owns The “Prove You Are Not A Homophobe” Lane

Hoo boy.  Pete Buttigieg did an interview with Axios on HBO in which Mike Allen asked, “Republicans claimed that John Kerry was a traitor in Vietnam. That Barack Obama was a Muslim. If you were to win the nomination, they'll say you're too young, too liberal, too gay to be Commander-in-Chief. You are young. You are a liberal. You are gay. How will you respond?"

Buttigieg replied, "I'll respond by explaining where I want to lead this country. People will elect the person who will make the best president. And we have had excellent presidents who have been young. We have had excellent presidents who have been liberal. I would imagine we've probably had excellent presidents who were gay—we just didn't know which ones."

Allen challenged Buttigieg on his claim asking, “You believe we’ve had a gay Commander-in-Chief?” To which he responded, “I mean, statistically, it’s almost certain.”

Asked if he knew which ones were, the South Bend mayor quipped, “My gaydar doesn’t work that well in the present let alone retroactively, but one can only assume that’s the case.”

Learning of the Axios interview, the Daily Mail theorized, “Some Presidents—notably 15th Commander-in-Chief James Buchanan, the only lifelong bachelor among the 45 men—have been the subject of speculation. There have also been rumors about Abraham Lincoln and Richard Nixon, although the evidence is a long way from conclusive in either case.

The LGBTQ community, which constitutes around 4.5 per cent of the population, is feverishly promoting his “historic appeal.” 

Buttigieg wastes no time in claiming his sexual orientation is not the only thing that defines him.  He also talks at great length about his military service hoping to set himself apart from the clown car full of 2020 Democrat presidential contenders.  He spent nine months on active duty service as a Navy intelligence officer with six of those months in Afghanistan. 

In his book “Shortest Way Home,” Buttigieg wrote about how he expected to spend the bulk of his time as an intelligence analyst “behind a sophisticated computer terminal in a secure area.”

In a published report from The Hill, Buttigieg mentioned at least 119 times on the campaign trail that he “crossed outside the wire” leaving the relative safety of the base in Kabul as a vehicle commander on convoy security details.

A review of his certificate of release from active duty by military officials noted he likely did not engage in direct combat which would have earned him a Navy Combat Ribbon.

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