Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Stormy Daniels Must Pay Trump

Every now and then there is a schadenfreude event that brings a smile to many people.It usually involves someone receiving their comeuppance, their just rewards for actions that we find disagreeable or just downright despicable. In this case, a nasty porn star whore and her creepy lawyer get pwned by POTUS.

Trump Lawyers Send Stormy Daniels a Bill for $341,559.50 – Fees Awarded by Judge For Defending Frivolous Lawsuit…
Attorneys representing the interests of President Trump in the case of Gifford v. Trump previously won a dismissal of all claims against Mr. Trump. As a consequence the court ordered the plaintiff “Stormy Daniels” and her creepy porn lawyer, Michael Avenatti, to reimburse Donald Trump’s legal team for all expenses incurred during their defense of the frivolous lawsuit.
The lawyers representing Mr. Trump filed a motion with the court and now submit a claim for $341,559.50 for legal costs incurred (full pdf below). The court will also likely impose monetary sanctions upon CPL Avenatti.

What's particularly schadenfreudest about the Daniels/Avenatti debacle is that the leftist fools who contributed over a half million dollars to Daniels' Crowd Justice campaign account will be paying for POTUS' legal fees.

Schadenfreude is best when served warm.

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