Friday, August 24, 2018

A Timeline For Clinton Crime

What we are witnessing today is a desperate attempt to defuse the President’s efforts to remove corrupt persons from the government. There has been almost twenty years of criminal acts that were ignored and are now being uncovered. The following is a timeline for some of this corruption and the network of criminal associates who assisted the Clintons and Obamas, but we'll focus on the Clintons.


From 2001 to 2005 there was an ongoing grand jury investigation into the Clinton Foundation . Millions had been donated to the CF by foreign governments. Yet, from 2001 to 2003 none of those “donations” to the Clinton Foundation were declared.


·                  James Comey takes over the CF grand jury investigation.
·                  Lois Lerner becomes Director of the IRS, Exempt Organizations Unit.
·                  Rod Rosenstein runs the Tax Division inside the DoJ from 2001 to 2005.
·                  Robert Mueller is the Director of the FBI (2001-2013).

Every one of these people were directly and intimately involved in the grand jury investigation of the Clinton Foundation. Needless to say the grand jury investigation goes no where.


James Comey leaves the DoJ for high paying job (Senior VP and Lead Counsel) at Lockheed Martin. During his stay at Lockheed Martin, the corporation receives $ billions in FBI government contracts. One such contract alone was for $1 billion – IBM contested this contract. In the four years Comey was at Lockheed Martin he became a millionaire, he was given $6 million as separation from service when he left the company and became FBI Director.
Hillary Clinton is SecState and starts her own personal email server for government business. She never has an official, protected government email account.
The Russian Rosatom subsidiary ARMZ acquires 17% of Uranium One. A year later Bill Clinton meets with Vladamir Putin and receives $500,000 for a speech given at Renaissance Capital (Russian finance corporation. An FBI informant, David Campbell, was involved in the negotiations and was issued a gag order by the DoJ – Rod Rosenstein. The FBI Director, Robert Mueller, even delivered a uranium sample to the Russians.
Within a relatively short period $145,000,000 was “donated” to the Clinton Foundation by corporations connected to the Uranium One deal. Lois Lerner was still Director of the Exempt Organizations Unit.


Benghazi – Trey Gowdy learns about Hillary’s private email server and the thousands of emails, many classified Top Secret, she never turned over when she left the SecState Office. James Comey is now Director of the FBI. First he exonerates Lois Lehner for her actions targeting conservative organizations applying for tax exempt status. As the State Department under Kerry drags its feet, Comey then prepares another exoneration for Hillary and her illegal email server.


In April 2016, Comey drafts a letter for Hillary exonerating her of any criminal actions in her violations of a mountain of federal laws governing the reception, storage and distribution of classified documents. This is done before the principal players are interviewed and many are granted immunity. Not a single Grand Jury is impaneled. In July of 2016 Comey gives a presser that astounds the law enforcement community. After describing a litany of felonies committed by Hillary, Comey absolves her.
This all changed on November 8, 2016. The Clinton Crime Syndicate is done. The players described above have been identified and compromised by their own communications. Uranium 1, unlawful email servers used to enrich the Foundation, Benghazi – it will all come back to haunt them.
What we are seeing from the Mueller/Rosenstein carnival is the death throes of the Deep State. After covering a decade of corruption and enjoying protection by the MSM, they are finally realizing that Judgment is upon them.


And now we wait. There are nearly 50,000 sealed federal court documents (not all are indictments) awaiting action.  That’s 50X the normal level of sealed D0J activity. Not all of it will correspond to Hillary and the Clinton Foundation and her criminal co-conspirators, but apparently there is another Hillary Clinton investigation that was opened by the FBI. Planeloads of documents have allegedly been transported out of Arkansas.
And we haven't even touched upon the FBI and DoJ involvement in supplying false information to the FISA Court in order to spy on the Trump campaign.
Maybe later we’ll discuss the thousands of pedophiles who no longer get a wink and a nod from the feds and have been arrested under Trump’s DoJ. I hope many of those sealed documents held by the DoJ relate to child sex networks. 

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