Friday, July 6, 2018

She Already Knows What The Outcome Will Be And So Do We

On Thursday night, President Trump flew to Montana to headline a rally for Matt Rosendale, the Republican Senate nominee running against Democrat Jon Tester this November.
CNN’s Politics Reporter and Editor-at-Large, Chris Cillizza, didn’t watch the rally.  Instead he sifted through the transcript and proclaimed his speech “contained a number genuinely dangerous lines, lines no President before Trump would even consider uttering among a small group of friends─much less in front of thousands of people.”  He settled on eleven statements he considers pose a “real risk to the body populace.”
I’ll save you the burden of reading his dreck on ten of those lines and focus on the one that was genuinely amusing because it was the first time Trump rolled it out and it was a real beaute.
“I shouldn’t tell you because I don’t like giving away secrets,” Trump said.  “But let’s say I’m debating Pocahontas.  I promise you I’ll do this:  I will take, you know those little kits they sell on television where you learn your heritage…in the middle of the debate, when she proclaims that she is of Indian heritage because her mother said she has high cheekbones, that is her only evidence, her mother said we have high cheekbones," Trump continued.
“We’ll take that little kit─but we have to do it gently.  Because we’re in the #MeToo generation, we have to do it gently.  And we will very gently take that kit, and slowly toss it, hoping it doesn’t injure her arm, and we will say:  ‘I will give you a million dollars to your favorite charity, paid for by Trump, if you take the test and it shows you’re an Indian.'”
Here’s what Cillizza had to say:
Truly remarkable. In his usual riff about the questions surrounding Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren's claims of Native-American heritage, Trump shows his true colors on the #MeToo movement. He seems to suggest that the movement, which grew out of a series of news stories of powerful men sexually harassing women, is about political correctness run rampant. Trump seems to think -- or at least say -- that he has to be careful not to offend the #MeToo movement by throwing a DNA heritage kit at Warren. Which both deeply misunderstands what the #MeToo movement is about and denigrates the entire idea of women feeling safe to come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct.

According to NBC News, yes that NBC News, there is no documented proof [emphasis mine] that Warren is descended from Native Americans.

Warren has not provided any. Genealogists who have investigated her history have found her relatives to be listed as white in historical documents like the Census and do not appear in the Indian documents typically used to verify claims of Native American ancestry, like the Dawes Rolls.

The New England Historic Genealogical Society initially said they had proof that she was 1/32nd Native American, only to later backtrack and say they did not have definitive proof. They declined to comment for this story.

Cherokee genealogist Twila Barnes traced Warren's maternal family back four generations to the turn of the 19th century; the records listed all members as white. She could not find Warren’s family in any of the 45 Indian records and documents she reviewed for a detailed report.

Carpe Donktum’s tweet this morning requesting the reveal of the test results be televised and hosted by tabloid talk show host Maury Povich inspired me.

Be honest, tossing Warren a DNA test at a 2020 presidential debate would be ratings gold.

We already know the results and so does she, but Trump’s zinger yesterday is going to haunt her for the next two years.

UPDATE:  Welcome readers of Bad Blue Uncensored News.  We are grateful to Doug Ross for linking to this post.

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