Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Guy Who Couldn’t Get Re-Elected By His Own Party Wants To Challenge Trump In 2020

Ever since January of this year, Sen. Jeff Flake (RINO-AZ), has had a bug up his ass.
Flake decided last year not to run for re-election in 2018 after opinion polls in his home state made it brutally clear he had zero chance of winning.  A central figure in the Never Trump movement, Flake recently compared Trump to the savage communist dictator Josef Stalin.
He is said to be exploring a possible run for president in 2020.  I’m sure he’s had his dangly parts tickled by Cap’n Bill Kristol who is desperate to primary President Trump.
Joseph Curl described the senator this way, “Jeff Flake has got it all: He’s tall, buff and handsome, with a made-for-TV smile. He lives in a huge house in a gated community (with high walls, of course), has a pretty blonde wife and five fabulous children. Plus, he’s a member of one of the most exclusive clubs in the World: The Senate.”
Curl continues, “The telegenic senator now spends more time in green rooms than he does in the Senate chamber, with liberal networks clamoring for a Republican who will diss the sitting president.”
“The mainstream media loves him now, slamming his fellow Republican at every turn, but if he were to run as a Republican, he’d suffer the same fate Mr. McCain did: The MSM turned on him and diced him up into little pieces.”
“Mr. Flake will do what all the others do when they leave Congress: Slide right through the revolving door and get a cushy job with a massive salary. That way he can build a bigger wall around his house.”
On May 29th, in a speech delivered at Harvard Law School's 2018 Class Day Flake criticized President Trump and Congress, saying the presidency has been "debased."
“Not to be unpleasant, but I do bring news from our nation’s capital. First, the good news: Your national leadership is… not good. At all. Our presidency has been debased by a figure who has a seemingly bottomless appetite for destruction and division and only a passing familiarity with how the constitution works.”
“And our Article I branch of government, the Congress (that’s me), is utterly supine in the face of the moral vandalism that flows from the White House daily. I do not think that the founders could have anticipated that the beauty of their invention might someday founder on the rocks of reality television, and that the Congress would be such willing accomplices to this calamity. Our most ardent enemies, doing their worst (and they are doing their worst), couldn’t hurt us more than we are hurting ourselves.”
“Now, you might reasonably ask, where is the good news in that?”
“Well, simply put: We may have hit bottom.”
“My sounding this alarm against a government that was elected under the Republican banner and that calls itself conservative makes me no less Republican or conservative. And opposing this president and much of what he stands for is not an act of apostasy — it is, rather, an act of fidelity.”
You can read the rest of his pathetic drivel here if you have the stomach for it.

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