Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Have Dog Will Travel

As you grow older, just staying alive can become a full-time job.  That means you need to take a vacation.  I ascribe to the axiom:  Life’s short. Eat dessert first, work less and vacation more!
Vacation heals a weary mind and soul.
I’m headed to the beach where I will be walking past rows of beach chairs and weaving between sunbathers and Frisbee games and people flying kites on a sandy shore.  The intoxicating smell of the salty air and the mist of the sea will be my nirvana for the next couple of weeks.  My only fear will be whether a seagull poops on my head.
Sophie The Wonderdog and I will be visiting once again with my bestest friend of 40-plus years.  My itinerary includes little more than dining on fresh seafood at my favorite over-the-ocean restaurant, binge-watching movies and shopping.  Sophie will enjoy being with her little buddies Teddy and Tika.
Fear not!  I have already queued up the regular Sunday postings of “A Walk On The Wild Side” and the Monday postings of “Flowing Curves Of Beauty”.  Hopefully, co-bloggers Proof and Sig94 will fill in for me by posting something of interest in my absence.

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