Monday, March 26, 2018

Why Grandma, What Big Pupils You Have....

All the better to lie to you my dear!

After all the media hype surrounding Stormy Daniels expose' of her alleged Trump Trysts on 60 Minutes, the only big revelation was that she appeared to be under the influence of some kind of chemical stimulant. Oh, and yes she is a slut. The dead give away (for the stimulants - not the porno stuff) was the size of her pupils that indicated that she there was a high probability that she was using cocaine or she was dead/unconscious. This despite the very harsh, bright lights used during the interview which should have reduced their size.

Discussions of the effects of stimulants on a persons pupils can be accessed here. Dilated pupils is a commonality among users of cocaine, methamphetamines and ecstasy.

Daniels' pupils should have been very diminished under that lighting. Years ago I did some local cable television programming for my department (crime reporting) under the same kind of bright television studio lights and it is quite uncomfortable. You could almost hear my pupils straining to get smaller.

The Gateway Pundit has some Twitter observations on Stormy's dinner plate pupils.
Was washed up pornstar Stormy Daniels high on drugs for her highly anticipated ’60 Minutes’ interview? Twitter couldn’t help but notice Daniels’ dilated pupils. Later came the accusations of drug use.
This isn't going to end soon. Daniels' lawyer is in cahoots with the media to drag this out as long as possible; probably hoping to drown out the collapse of the Russia, Russia conspiracy. Already more "evidence" is being promised. To keep this charade going, more unverifiable, salacious tidbits will be dropped like rabbit turds in a carrot patch.

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