Thursday, January 11, 2018

Let Them Eat Crumbs

House Minority Leader Nancy Palsi Pelosi today dismissed as "crumbs" the recent wave of bonuses given to workers by large corporations in the wake of the Republican tax law's passage.
"In terms of the bonus that corporate America received versus the crumbs that they are giving workers to kind of put the schmooze on is so pathetic. It's so pathetic.  I would hope that with their big advantage of bringing money home at a very low rate that they would invest in infrastructure and things, but our experience has been that they will do dividends, do stock buybacks, and things like that. I think it's insignificant," Pelosi added.
This was a devastating and incredible gaffe from Pelosi and should comprise political ads by the RNC for the duration of the 2018 midterm elections.
The script for the ads should read:  “If you like your wage increases and tax cuts, you can keep you wage increases and tax cuts unless you elect a Democrat in November.”

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