Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Bubba And Granny Clinton Aren’t Speaking To Each Other

Former President (and serial sexual abuser) Bill Clinton and two-time loser Granny Clinton “are not speaking to each other after a blazing argument over her election book.”
The argument is believed to have taken place in August while the couple were visiting friends in the Hamptons.  They have not been seen together since.
Ed Klein, author of All Out War: The Plot To Destroy Trump, writes in his new book the former President threw a manuscript in the trash after Hillary ignored his advice not to publish it.
According to Klein, Bubba had laced the manuscript with red pen markings throughout to improve it provoking rage from Hillary.  She refused to read any of his notes.
According to Page Six, “He told her the book made her look bewildered, angry and confused and those were poor qualities in a person who aspired to be a world leader.”  He hated the title “What Happened” because people would say, “You lost.”
Klein’s book is scheduled to be released at the end of October.  The synopsis reads:
“In America you are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to overthrow the democratically elected President of the United States and inflict irreparable damage on our country.  That, however, is what Trump’s enemies on the Left and Right are doing with lies, leaks, obstruction and violence.”

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